Hash Tag Evolution

AMCLC through social media.hash tag evolution

Social media took center stage at AMCLC, with presenters tweeting from the stage, attendees snapping photos from the audience, and members keeping up with the conference from afar. Now, we've rounded up the best of social media at #AMCLC2013. Were you a part of the action?

• A total of 1,828 tweets included the hash tag #AMCLC2013 during the conference.
• 145 tweeters used the conference hash tag.
• By the end of the conference, AMCLC was trending as the top health-care conference on Twitter.
• Tweets with the conference hash tag were viewed 2,813,928 times (called impressions).twitter 1twitter 2twitter 3twitter 4twitter 5twitter 6twitter 7twitter 8

Are you on Instagram? Follow us (@RadiologyACR) for more behind-the-scenes photos and ACR goings-on.instagram 1Outgoing speaker Howard B. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR, and incoming speaker Kimberley E. Applegate, MD, MS, FACR, relax on stage.instagram 2@Jim_Rawson_MD, one of #AMCLC2013’s top tweeters, live tweets the conference.instagram 3Celebrating JACR’s 10th anniversary at #AMCLC2013. Step 1: Affix commemorative pin.instagram 4Is this thing on right? Wouldn’t be #AMCLC2013 Convocation without a cap and gown.

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