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With so many points of intersection between radiology and pathology, it was only a matter of time before physicians in the two specialties started tweeting at each other (and potentially grossing out non-physicians in the process). Here’s how it works.

One physician tweets out a HIPAA-compliant photo of a disease using the hash tag #Radpathmatch. A radiologist might tweet a CT image with a snippet of patient history. A pathologist might tweet an image of a macroscopic specimen or a histology slide. Other users tweet back a photo of the same disease from their imaging library. It’s kind of like the memory game from your childhood, but with more blood.  


Besides being a fun way of testing your knowledge, the hashtag provides another example of how social media builds bridges between users and specialties. To get started, head to Twitter and search #Radpathmatch.  


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By Lyndsee Cordes, managing editor of the ACR Bulletin

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