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Taj Kattapuram, MD


February 2015

Q: How has social media helped your practice?

 Social media is a wonderful educational and interactive tool for the department of radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The department has Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as a YouTube channel, all of which function under the banner of Mass General Imaging. The sites are run by a dedicated administrative team within our department that posts announcements on staff achievements, educational lectures and videos, fun radiology photos, and subspecialty department information. The strategy is to leverage our message with the ultimate goal of driving traffic to our web page, thereby raising patient and provider awareness of radiology and how imaging can aid in health care goals.

Last year, Mass General Imaging ran a digital advertising campaign to raise awareness about mammography. The goal was to encourage women to get involved in their own breast health by scheduling a mammogram. The campaign was a huge success on Facebook, with many patients engaging in conversations about mammography and other breast imaging. We provided a link to a site that allowed patients to book an appointment for a mammogram and empowered patients to educate themselves and direct their personal health care. Both patients and non-radiology health care providers appreciated the ease of finding information and booking imaging appointments at their convenience.

Aside from my academic institution, I as an individual have many social networking accounts. Currently, I do not directly use social networking for my radiology practice, but I certainly share health care information, advocacy posts, and announcements I feel are noteworthy. As I build my future practice, I hope to incorporate social networking as a part of my professional presence online to positively interact with patients and other health care providers with the goal of improving health and saving lives.


Taj Kattapuram, MD, Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston


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