JACRⓇ November 2016 Highlightsjacr cover

The November Issue of JACRⓇ covers incidental findings, international perspectives on preventative screening, and more. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.


Avoid “Gross” in Radiology Reports

In this installment of the Speaking of Language series, Samuel J. Kuzminski, MD discusses the unintended negative impact using the word “gross” has on reports.

Point and Counterpoint of the ABR Exam

In this point/counterpoint exchange, the authors debate the positive and negative aspects of the ABR exams.

Knowledge of the Costs of Diagnostic Imaging: A Survey of Physician Trainees at a Large Academic Medical Center

Authors evaluated multiple trainees from different departments to assess their knowledge of diagnostic imaging cost.

Use of Low-Fidelity Simulation Laboratory Training for Teaching Radiology Residents CT-Guided Procedures

Authors evaluated the benefit of using a low-fidelity simulator for common CT procedures in a university residency training program.

By Daniel Ortiz, MD, ACR RFS secretary and 3rd year radiology resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

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