IDOR Celebration Success: How One Practice Made the Most of the DayIDOR Celebration

November 8, 2016 marked the 121st anniversary of the groundbreaking discovery of the X-ray by Wilhelm Röntgen.

It is because of this revolutionary invention that we in the radiology community celebrate the International Day of Radiology (IDOR), promoting awareness of our profession and the indelible impact it has on patient care. The focus of this year’s 5th annual IDOR was breast imaging, including its importance in detecting, diagnosing and managing breast disease.

Many practices and institutions all over the world celebrated this day, including our practice at Cypress Women’s Imaging Center (CWI) affiliated with Wichita Radiological Group in Wichita, Kansas.

The day was celebrated with additional education for patients, recognition, and of course, goodies! CWI is a free-standing breast imaging center offering full field digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis, ultrasound, and MRI services to over 35,000 women in the community and surrounding areas. Given the significant footprint the center has in the community, all staff took this opportunity to spread the word regarding the tremendous role of radiology supporting to breast health.

Posters commemorating the day were displayed in the waiting, diagnostic and screening rooms. Educational posters were also distributed throughout the center with important facts about the incidence of breast cancer. For example, the posters noted that mammography has played a role in reducing breast cancer mortality by nearly 40 percent since the 1980s. Technologists remarked that these “factoids” sparked robust discussions with many of the patients.

Finally, patients left with “goodies” that also included educational material they could refer to at home. All in all, the day was a great success. Patients left more informed about the positive impact radiology has in detecting and diagnosing breast cancer, and in turn, felt empowered and in control of their breast health.

The day also had a profound effect on our technologists, radiologists and administrators as they realized the true impact initiatives such as these can have in promoting breast education as well as spur excitement about the field of breast imaging and what lies ahead in the subspecialty. All were very humbled and excited that “the land of Oz” was in unity with  international radiology and the Wichita community on this special day.

Overall, the day was a great success. It is so imperative to participate in these types of initiatives as it has such an impact on all involved in the care of the patient — technologists, radiologists, and administrators. Most importantly, events such as these can be used as very powerful, exciting, and effective tools in educating the patient. The more we educate and are on the frontlines of patient care, the more patients will feel empowered to make sound, informed decisions regarding their breast health.

By Kamran Ali, MD, Director of Cypress Women’s Imaging, Vice President of Wichita Radiological Group, Wichita, Kans.

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