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$352 million over ten years. What does this staggering statistic represent? It represents the money saved by reducing the Multiple Payment Procedure Reduction (MPPR) cut from 25 percent to 5 percent.

What do we mean by money saved? It means that the professional component to an advanced imaging examination (such as MRI, CT, US) performed on the same patient on the same day will not result in a reduction of payment by 25percent! For example, if you had a patient who received a CT chest and CT abdomen/pelvis in the same day, you would be reimbursed 100percent for the CT chest, and only 75percent of that for the CT abdomen/pelvis! Because of the congressional passing of the critical legislation of MPPR, that reimbursement cut has dwindled to only 5percent! This is a massive victory for our profession and will soon affect us as we enter the radiology workforce.

Here is another staggering statistic: during our five-year battle regarding MPPR, RADPAC contributed just under $6 million to members of Congress. This equates to a 58:1 ratio comparing money saved from preventing severe reimbursement cuts to RADPAC contributions made.

We need to care about this and similar legislative threats to our profession. What happens on Capitol Hill impacts our professional livelihood. We are the next generation of budding radiologists, and it will be up to us to ensure our profession has a bright and sustainable future. This is imperative now more than ever in an age of decreasing reimbursements, potential barriers to delivering high quality patient care, and a victory over the turf war as other medical specialties attempt to perform duties that should be left in the hands of highly skilled radiologists.

How can you help? Easy — participate in RADPAC’s 3rd annual fall fundraising campaign: RADTOBERFEST. RADPAC is our specialty’s bipartisan political action committee affiliated with the American College of Radiology Association. RADPAC works tirelessly for us in Washington, D.C. and across the United States to support the political interests of radiology.

RADTOBERFEST kicks off on October 1st. We encourage all to contribute and encourage your co-residents and fellows to do the same. As always, we will compete against the attendings to defend the title we have held for the last two years! For every $20 a resident/fellow contributes, an attending must make a $50 contribution. You also have the option of contributing $15 if you make a recurring contribution. That recurring contribution can be as little as $5 (equivalent to your daily coffee from Starbucks).

The training program with the most resident/fellow contributors will win a free pizza lunch, courtesy of RADPAC, and of course, monumental bragging rights!

Additionally for those who attend RSNA, an open bar reception will be held at SPiN Chicago from 10PM-12AM on Monday, November 28th. For those who would like to attend the event and aren’t able to donate beforehand, a contribution of $25 at the door will grant you access to the open bar. This is sure to be the premiere event at RSNA for residents and fellows.

Learn more about RADTOBERFEST including how you can contribute, on the RADTOBERFEST website.

Contributions can be made on the RADPAC website by clicking on the “Contribute to RADPAC Online” button. The official campaign will end Tuesday, November 8th, so don’t miss out!

Even in training, your contribution makes a significant difference. YOU make a difference, one radiologist-to-be at a time. Let us ensure that our profession’s future is prosperous and bright.

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