JACR May 2016 Highlights

What should readers be checking out in the May 2016 JACR?


The May Issue of JACR covers keeping “as above” out of the impression, an innovative fourth-year resident elective, unhappiness in radiologists, developing a state RFS chapter, and more. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.


Keep "As Above" Out of the Impression

The next installment in the “Speaking of Language” series opines on the use of the phrase “as above” in the impression of a radiology report. As author Jenny Hoang, MD, notes, many ordering providers may only read the impression, and using the phrase “as above” provides no added value in an era in which value is key.

Rounding Radiologists: Clinical Collaboration Between Radiology Residents and Internal Medicine Teams

An innovative fourth-year radiology resident elective is explained in this article out of the University of Kansas. In a pilot study, each of five fourth-year radiology residents participated in rounds with both an inpatient hematology and oncology service as well as a pulmonary consult service. The study authors evaluated items including pre- and post-perceptions of the clinicians and radiology residents with regard to radiologists being incorporated into rounds, the radiologist’s usefulness to clinicians, and the importance of clinician–radiologist relationships. The favorable results led to the incorporation of this elective in the University of Kansas curriculum.

Unhappiness and the Radiologist

In a 2015 survey, radiologists ranked dead last in happiness. In this article, the authors delve deep into the psyche of radiology as a specialty to uncover why radiologists are so unhappy. Perception of lack of control, impact, and interpersonal connection are highlighted as potential culprits. The article presents a questionnaire geared at evaluating aspects of work that motivate and energize us. The article wraps up with recommendations for improved happiness in and out of the workplace.

Fostering Longitudinal Involvement in State Chapter Resident and Fellow Sections: The Maryland Experience

Authors for the Maryland RFS ACR chapter offer a step-by-step guide on starting and fostering the growth of state RFS chapters by discussing their personal experiences.

By Daniel Ortiz, MD, radiology resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

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