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Happy Fall to All! RSNA is fast approaching! There will be thousands of people to meet, tons of great lectures to go to, and many fun parties. How do you make the most out of such an event? Social Media, obviously!


Here is a quick three-step guide on how to get your online presence in shape for the biggest meeting of the year. These pointers also apply to other meetings, and if you start now, you will be a pro for the annual ACR meeting!

Step 1: Set your goals

Why are you attending this meeting? Are you going to review sessions all day every day? Are you looking for a job? Are you looking for contacts for your future fellowship? Are you looking to learn more about cutting edge research? Are you looking to get more involved with various organizations in radiology? Do you want to take your leadership to the next level? Are you there to learn about new technologies and vendor events? How you tailor the following steps may be a little different depending on what your goals are, but overall, social media will help you make the most of your time in Chicago. Once you have determined your goals, start by downloading the RSNA app and set your schedule accordingly.

Step 2: Create a professional online profile.

This is what you present to the world before they know you. The easiest way to do this is to have a page on LinkedIn. Make sure you have a professional photograph and list your areas of interest. Start making connections in the world of radiology. This is Facebook for your career, so don’t necessarily add everyone you know. Speaking of Facebook, consider cleaning your Facebook profile to project your best self. Include a professional photo and join groups that are involved in radiology leadership. Creating a basic profile can help link you to someone who has similar interest in say, AI. That way, when you meet them at the meeting, you will have something to talk about in person and the conversation will flow smoothly. No need to talk about the weather!

Step 3: Join Twitter!

During the meeting, there is a lot of chatter on the Twitter verse, and you should be part of it, no matter what you are there for. Important point: if you have a personal Twitter account, create another professional account that is easy to find and identifies you as a radiologist prior to the meeting. Make sure to check out this post on how to get your professional profile started ( Add your LinkedIn profile link to the website tab.

During the meeting, all kinds of information will be flooding your feed, from party invitations to educational pearls to new technology updates. The people you will follow on Twitter will vary depending on your reasons for being at the meeting. You can start by looking at the Top Radiologists to follow on Twitter ( and figure out the ontology ( This will give you an idea of what others in our field are posting about and how to access it without having to know everyone. Retweet what you find interesting. It’s easy to do and can help get your feet wet! Make sure you use hashtags on your posts so we can more easily follow your thoughts. Hashtags tag your post and help form communities. Here are some helpful hashtags to get started — #radiology, #radres, #acrrfs, #acr, #radleaders. For the meeting, make sure to tag your posts with #RSNA17.

See you in Chicago!

Michele Retrouvey, MD, RFS Education Liaison (@MRetrouvey)
Kimberly Beavers, MD, RFS Communication (@KBeaversMD)
ACR RFS Executive Committee (@ACRRFS)

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