Resident Highlights: June 2017 JACR


The future of radiology reimbursements, big data, machine learning, residency training, and imaging abroad are some of the themes found in June’s featured articles…plus an opinion on burnout on the profession, a how-to on succeeding in the academics of radiology, and reducing errors from cognitive biases. Check out the following highlighted articles.

MACRA, Alternative Payment Models, and the Physician-Focused Payment Model: Implications for Radiology

The future of radiology reimbursement is previewed by Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, MD, MPA, Gregory N. Nicola, MD, Bibb Allen Jr, MD, Danny R. Hughes, PhD, and Joshua A. Hirsch, MD, in a quick crash course on what should be expected and what this new form of reimbursement means for your bottom line. How are these changes affecting you?

Educational Crowdsourcing: Developing RadExam

This opinion piece by Petra J. Lewis, MBBS, et al. discusses the authors’ experiences in beta testing for the RadExam. The authors describe this testing as the next big assessment tool that is being developed between the ACR and the APDR, in which shelf-style exams are taken after each rotation. Tell us what you think about this new process.

Sustaining Change in Radiology Educations: The Need for Universal Curricula

In another opinion piece that focuses on the future of radiology residency training, Darel E. Heitkamp, MD, et al. discuss the need for a more nationalized uniform training curriculum. The article states that today’s guidelines seem haphazard, with many ACGME-instituted program requirements not seeming to provide a clear framework or meaningful guidance to train the radiologists of the future.

Big Data and Machine Learning — Strategies for Driving This Bus: A Summary of the 2016 Intersociety Summer Conference

The up-and-coming topic of 2016 was that of machine learning and big data, and rightfully, so was the forefront of many societal conferences in 2016 and early 2017. The authors of this piece have chosen to look more on the positive influences to radiology, rather than the “doom and gloom” that others think will come with machine learning and big data advancements.

 Christopher Mutter, DO, MSU/SH radiology resident and ACR-RFS secretary

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