RADtoberfest Countdown

Top 5 reasons to contribute to RADPAC before Nov. 1


We are now in the tail end of the 2nd annual RADtoberfest, the largest fundraising event of RADPAC (the ACR’s Political Action Committee). Until Nov. 1, radiologists will compete in divisions based on chapter size. The chapter with the highest number of contributors per state wins! If you have not contributed to RADPAC yet this month, you only have a couple days left. What are you waiting for? Here are the top five reasons you should contribute to RADPAC right now!

1. Contribute for your patients!

At the heart of the policies and positions of the ACR (and the backbone of RADPAC’s advocacy efforts) is our guiding principle of providing the best possible care for our patients. Whether it’s securing coverage for lung cancer screening or repealing the sustainable growth rate to ensure all Medicare patients get the care they need, RADPAC has been on the forefront to make sure our patients are the most important priority in Washington, D.C.

2. Protect your practice and your future as a radiologist.

As you know, the only way to be heard on Capitol Hill, is to put your money where your mouth is. There are a lot of competing interests in D.C., including insurance companies, hospitals, other medical groups, and even other specialties that are spending a lot of money to get their voices heard. Your contribution to RADPAC is the only we can get radiology’s message to the people who make the policy decisions.

3. Get in on the competition!

If you’re a residents or fellow, this is your time to show up your attendings and make your program proud. If residents contribute more than attendings, $500 will go to the Resident and Fellow Section. The residency program that donates the most will be recognized nationally. Attendings, make a donation to put residents back in their places!

If attendings donate more than residents, there will be a reception for attendings at the ACR 2016 meeting.  And young physicians aren’t left out either. Donate to RADPAC to show us why your state is the best. The state chapter with the most young physicians contributing will get $200.

4. Have a fun night at RSNA.

A contribution to RADPAC during RADtoberfest gets you an invitation to an open bar event at the MID Chicago on Nov. 30 (the Monday of RSNA). Don’t miss your chance to hang out with the coolest radiologists in the country.

5. Get a neat pin!

All contributors to RADPAC will receive a red, white, and blue pin. Contribute and wear your pin with pride to show that you put your money where your mouth is to provide the best care for your patients and protect the future of Radiology.


Have I convinced you? Please donate today to make a difference for your specialty.  (Note: you’ll need to sign in with your ACR credentials to contribute).

By Naiim Ali, MD, radiology resident at University of Vermont Medical Center and ACR-RFS advocacy liaison/AMA delegate

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