YPS Executive Committee – Yearly Recapyearly recap

Over the past year, the ACR YPS Executive Committee (EC) has been busy and productive.

Through the efforts of our smart and ambitious EC officers, we have increased the contributions of the YPS to the College while increasing the value of membership for our YPS members. This year, Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, MD, and I helped organize the YPS programming for the ACR 2017 meeting. Two excellent and thoughtful sessions are planned for the Sunday morning of the meeting and are packed with excellent, renowned speakers discussing topics that are pertinent to YPS members.

Next, as a first for this year, the YPS has partnered with the American Association of Women Radiologists (AAWR) and jointly developed the first Speed Mentoring session at ACR 2017, to take place the Tuesday of the meeting. In this session, YPS and RFS members can interact and seek advice from a host of esteemed mentors and leaders in our field in this fun and fast-paced format. We hope lasting mentor-mentee relationships will be started at the event.

Andrew K. Moriarity, MD, has led the YPS in Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) efforts, especially RADTOBERFEST. Though such engagement and contribution, we help maintain our voice in policy-making circles. Sonia Gupta, MD, increased our social media presence via the newly started Engage platform and established social media avenues such as Twitter and Facebook. We have seen growth on all these fronts and our members can get up to date information and announcements better than ever before.

To strengthen the YPS’ relationship with the RFS, Taj Kattapuram, MD,as RFS Liaison worked closely with the RFS leadership. J. Paul Nielsen, MD, MPH, has helped update our webpage content and foster the conversion of the YPS E-News into a new digital format, making engagement with YPS members easier.

Lastly, Refky Nicola, DO has been our health policy liaison, a vital bridge of communication between the YPS and the strong and diverse health policy efforts and activities of the College.

A final accomplishment this year was the introduction of a resolution to encourage the Speaker of the ACR Council Steering Committee (CSC) to consider two YPS members to serve appointed positions on the CSC. The CSC advises the ACR Council on important initiatives and the increased presence of YPS members as appointees would positively influence the impact of the YPS on the College. Both the CSC and the BOC have agreed to support the resolution, and we hope the Council will do so as well.

In closing, I have had the privilege of being the Chair of the ACR YPS EC this year and moreover the chance to work with some of the finest minds in our field. I thank the Executive Committee officers for their hard and smart work, the YPS members of the college for their participation, and the leadership of the College for their support and encouragement so that the YPS may flourish in its contributions and membership. At the ACR 2017 meeting, I have the pleasure of “turning over the gavel” to Dr. Andrew Rosencrantz, who I am confident will lead the YPS to even greater heights.

By Falgun Chokshi, MD

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