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Social Media @RSNA2017

Make the most out of your meetingSocial Media

Happy Fall to All! RSNA is fast approaching! There will be thousands of people to meet, tons of great lectures to go to, and many fun parties. How do you make the most out of such an event? Social Media, obviously!

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Through the (YPS) Looking Glass

A YPS member reflects on her ACR CSC experience

through the looking glass

This past spring, I was incredibly honored to be appointed to the ACR CSC. While my appointment was met with warm praise from my wonderful YPS colleagues, I knew that by taking on this role the congratulations would have to be earned by hard work and dedication to the College through my service on the CSC.

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Introducing the 2017 – 2018 ACR-YPS Executive Committee (EC)


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Young Professionals and Radiology Advocacy Network


The Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) is a group of radiologists across the country working to ensure that radiology’s voice is heard at the local and federal levels. The ACR® Young Professional Section (YPS) is seeking to increase participation of early-career members in political advocacy and engage them in advancement of our specialty.

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The Young and Early Career Professional Section: Supporting the Transition From Training Into Practice


The ACR’s Young and Early Career Professional Section includes all ACR members under the age of 40 or within eight years of completion of training. With over 6,000 members, it currently represents over 16% of total ACR membership.

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The Voice of Radiology Is Strong


Radiologists head to the Hill to meet their representatives and advocate for their patients.

This May, over 500 radiologists, fellows, and residents attended the annual Capitol Hill Day during the ACR® annual meeting.

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RFS and Member Experience at ACR 2017: Part 2

RFS acr2017

ACR 2017 was a great success to say the least! Medical students, residents, and fellows gathered from around the country with a common goal; to learn how to advocate for our patients, make connections with our colleagues, and contribute to the dynamic evolution of radiology.

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RadExam: the Resident Perspective


We live in a world of metrics. In this month’s JACR®, Dr. Petra Lewis et al. describe a new question bank, RadExam. The current problem: The evaluation of residents’ knowledge is too sporadic and not specific to their level of training. The authors’ suggestion was to create a large question database, from which questions could be sourced to create content- and level-specific tests. …What does this mean for current residents?

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Resident Highlights: June 2017 JACR


The future of radiology reimbursements, big data, machine learning, residency training, and imaging abroad are some of the themes found in June’s featured articles…plus an opinion on burnout on the profession, a how-to on succeeding in the academics of radiology, and reducing errors from cognitive biases. Check out the following highlighted articles.

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Greetings from the Chair of the Resident and Fellow Section (RFS)


Congratulations to everyone as you complete training and transition to practice, survive yet another of residency, begin radiology residency, or graduate medical school!

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What Happened at AUR 2017?

Get a resident’s-eye-view of one of radiology’s biggest meetings

AUR 2017

It was that time of the year again... when you meet the people that helped you grow or that grew with you, have good meals together, celebrate achievements, get valuable advice, and welcome new members to the family. No, I am not talking about Christmas or Thanksgiving. On May 8–11, 2017, the 65th AUR Annual Meeting attracted academic radiologists from around the country to sunny Hollywood, Fla., with the theme “Leading Change and Bringing Value.”

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My Amis Fellowship Experience

RFS Amisfellowship1

The stage lights were shining so brightly as I peered out into the enormous ballroom filled with hundreds of attendees at the 2017 ACR annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Nearly a year ago, when I had been selected for the ACR’s Amis Fellowship in Quality in Safety, I never imagined that I would be serving as a member of one of ACR’s four Reference Committees. Yet, here I was, sitting center-stage alongside much more senior ACR members, recording member comments regarding the rules and regulations that we had proposed.

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May 2017 JACR Highlights


TI-RADS, social media enhancement of peer reviews journals, and exposure to medical imaging with — These are a few articles that may be helpful reading and practice for radiology residents in training.  A supplemental edition was also printed in order to focus on revised ACR Appropriateness Criteria guidelines in nearly all modalities.

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ACR 2017 RFS Meeting Highlights

RFS acr2017blog

This year’s third edition of The Crossroads of Radiology, which included the 25th RFS meeting, may have been the most stimulating and event-packed meeting that I have had the pleasure of attending yet.

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RFS Member Experience at ACR 2017: Part 1

RFS acr2017The 2017 ACR meeting was an incredible behind-the-scenes experience into the political side of medicine and radiology.

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How Mentoring Can Benefit the Specialtymentoring benefits

Although women make up nearly half of all medical students, they represent a significantly smaller proportion of radiologists, with the 2016 ACR workforce survey revealing that only 21.4 percent of radiologists are female.

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Cambodia's Lost Generation

Radiologists trace the collapse of Cambodia's health care system and the road to recovery.cambodia generation

In December 2010, Morlie L. Wang, MD, sat on a flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, reading a Lonely Planet travel book. Busy with preparation, it was the first time she had been able to read about Cambodia's history, despite her plans to spend a month in the small Asian country on a Goldberg-Reeder travel grant.

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Growing the YPS

What is the ACR doing to support members entering practice for the first time?Growing the YPS

The ACR Young and Early Career Physician Section (YPS) represents a strong segment of the College at around 7,983 members.

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Primer on Radiology Advocacymcadams radiology advocacy


"An idea is like a play. It needs a good producer and a good promoter even if it is a masterpiece. . ." — David Bornstein in How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas

Residents and fellows are perfectly positioned to be effective advocates as we are accustomed to championing our patients and specialty from our reading rooms, angio suites and clinics every day; however, most of us are not comfortable pursuing state and national advocacy opportunities. This daunted me, too when I was first getting started, but rest assured, there are countless opportunities to get involved (and options compatible with almost everyone’s time budget).

Let’s review a few pieces of advice I have learned along the way and share some opportunities for you to get started advocating today!

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACRmeet ACR leadership

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR. For this installment, we talk with Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR.

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Is There a Doctor on Board?doctor on board

The thought of this title may send shivers down your non-clinical spine. Colleagues often jest that radiologists are loners hiding in a dark room away from civilization, who have little interaction with any patients.

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Final Read

Matthew M. Miller, MD
final read

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a radiologist?

Well, I would love to say there was a great thunderclap moment — an instant when even disinterested passersby would have to admit my unmistakable radiologist identity burst forth for the first time. But my path, it turns out, was a bit more gradual than that.

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ACR Fellowship Round-Up

Take a look at the opportunities the ACR has to offer.fellowship opportunities

Want to know more about the College and build your resume at the same time? Apply for a fellowship.

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Onboarding: Achieving Long-term Success for the Practice and New Radiologistlong term success

The many years of education and training physicians undergo provides them with multiple transitions to new environments as learners and professionals.

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Why I Got Involvedwhy i got involved

Several years ago as a second year resident, one of my senior residents approached me in the hallway and said, “I think you’d make an excellent leader. You should join the Massachusetts Medical Society.”

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YPS Executive Committee – Yearly Recapyearly recap

Over the past year, the ACR YPS Executive Committee (EC) has been busy and productive.

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Fast Jets for RFS

fighter pilot rinzler rfsPrior to residency, I had the privilege to work as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force.

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Radiology and the Evolution of Battlefield Medicine

Imaging has been integral to wartime medicine since the early days of radiology. How is the specialty adapting to support the changing needs of patients on the battlefield?image battlefied

When you picture the development of military medicine, how prominently does imaging factor in? The evolution of radiology has been intertwined with modern-day warfare for the past 120 years.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: William T. Thorwarth, Jr., MD, FACRLeadership

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR. For this installment, we talk with William T. Thorwarth, Jr., MD, FACR.

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The Moorefield Fellowship Experiencemoorefield fellowship experience

This past October, I was honored to participate in the American College of Radiology Moorefield Fellowship in Economics and Health Policy.

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A Day in the Life of UVA Resident Connor Louden, MD

day life uva resident

New and prospective residents are often curious about what their daily life will be like as radiology residents. Here’s a typical day described by Connor Louden, a third-year diagnostic radiology resident at UVA.

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RSNA Resident and Fellow Council

RSNA Tomblinson

As a trainee, we are often so focused on our own education that it can become easy to allow non-clinical interests to fall aside. However, both the ACR and RSNA offer valuable opportunities for trainees to get involved in organized radiology.

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Final Read

Bryan M. Rabatic, MD, PhD
final read

Q: What would you say to a young physician considering radiation oncology?

I am often asked, "How did you choose your specialty?" Almost immediately, that question is followed by, "What advice do you have for someone considering radiation oncology?"

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Poised to Lead

Radiology Leadership Institute Summit participants learn applicable business lessons.poised to lead

Following through with change is hard. See past New Year's resolutions for proof.

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When Students Become Teachers: The  Southern Sudan Medical Education Collaborative

Lessons from Abroad

In April 2011, I had the distinct pleasure of joining the Southern Sudan Medical Education Collaborative (SSMEC) on a trip to Juba, which is now the capital city of the Republic of South Sudan. This would come to be one of the most formative and memorable experiences of my life.

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A Primer on Machine Learningmachine learning

Machine Learning (ML) and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools have become a staple in the non-medical and medical news as these techniques are applied to increasingly complex challenges. Much like the term "big data," these terms get loosely applied to varied projects, but it is important to know the fundamentals and situations where ML can be effectively applied.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Alexander Norbash, MD, FACRacr leadership

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR. For this installment, we talk with Alexander M. Norbash, MD, FACR.

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The Importance of Self-Motivation in a Non-Clinical Mini-Fellowshipself motivation

One morning during my fourth-year mini-fellowship in quality and patient safety, I walked into work and ran into one of the radiology fellows, who was surprised to find that I had arrived on time. “My mini-fellowship involved watching ESPN in my underwear,” he quipped.

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Not Your Typical Day

A recent fellow provides a snapshot of a day in the life of a breast imager.breast imager day

“Part of my enjoyment in practicing breast imaging is that there is rarely a typical day,” says Ann L. Brown, MD, who completed her breast imaging fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston this summer.

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Final Read

Daniel Ortiz, MDfinal read

Q: When and why did you first join the ACR?

As a first year radiology resident, I was encouraged by my more senior co-residents to join several of the radiology organizations, including the ACR, as “the thing to do.” My first direct exposure came at the state level with the annual Virginia Chapter meeting.

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IDOR Celebration Success: How One Practice Made the Most of the DayIDOR Celebration

November 8, 2016 marked the 121st anniversary of the groundbreaking discovery of the X-ray by Wilhelm Röntgen.

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Notes From the Road

This year's Goldberg-Reeder Fellows go the extra mile in underserved communities abroad.

Bocha forwebBochnakova spent her fellowship at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in Guyana and hopes to return as an attending physician to support a future radiology residency program.

When you think of cutting-edge radiology, you probably don't image Guyana, Malawi, Nepal, or Peru. The Goldberg-Reeder Fellowship is designed to share knowledge of and assist radiology facilities in the developing world.

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RFS Voices: The Radiology Match: Perspectives of A Current and Former Caribbean Medical Student

RFS voices caribbean

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Shattering Radiology’s Glass Ceiling

My experience as the first female chief in an all-male program.shattering glass ceiling

I was sitting in the CT reading room when I received the text message from my Program Director…"Congratulations Chief!"

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Bruce Hillman, MD, FACR

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the acr leadership

For this installment, Anthony Trace, MD, PhD, resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School, interviews Dr. Bruce Hillman, MD, who is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American College of Radiology, Professor and Former Chair of Radiology at the University of Virginia.

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ASTRO Annual MeetingASTRO annual meeting

The American Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) just wrapped up its annual meeting in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts. The theme of this year’s 58th annual event was “Enhancing Value, Improving Outcomes,” and did it ever ring true.

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JACRⓇ September 2016 HighlightsJACRBlog

The September Issue of the JACRⓇ covers sharing cases on social media, bundled payments, state legislative fellowships, and the “unknown” in radiology education, among other things. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

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Porting for Patients


In the spring of 2016, I traveled to Nepal with the help of a grant from the American College of Radiology. My goal was to help the department of radiology at the NAMS/Bir hospital in Kathmandu recover after a series of devastating earthquakes.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Howard Fleishon, MD, FACR, MMM


For this installment, I will be interviewing Howard Fleishon, MD, who is the current Secretary/Treasurer of the ACR. He also serves as the Vice Chair of the Commission on Government Relations.

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YPS Leadership Perspectives: Taj Kattapuram, MDYPS Leadership

This is first installment of a series entitled “YPS Leadership Perspectives.” Throughout the series, we will interview the YPS Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR.

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You Do Make a Difference: RADTOBERFESTRadtoberfest

$352 million over ten years. What does this staggering statistic represent? It represents the money saved by reducing the Multiple Payment Procedure Reduction (MPPR) cut from 25 percent to 5 percent.

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RFS Journal Club Recap: Econ Speak 101RFS journal

Proudly brought to you by the ACR RFS Economics Advisory Group (RFS-EAG), I am thrilled to announce that the newest season of the Economics Journal Club has officially kicked off.

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Job Search Part Three: Interview Success and Getting the Offer

You’ve earned an interview. Continue to impress and join your new group.Job search part 3

All of the hard work you have done until now has hopefully been showcased in your cover letter and CV. Do not be disappointed if you receive interviews from only a small number of groups you contacted.

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RFS Voices: Adventures in Peru

This year’s Goldberg-Reeder grant recipient travels to Cusco, Peru.FullSizeRender

As I prepared to pick up my bags from the conveyor belt at the Cusco, Peru airport, I was a little nervous. But that was nothing compared to the excitement I felt at beginning my journey. I had been waiting for what felt like a lifetime for this moment.

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JACR July 2016 HighlightsJACRBlog

The July Issue of JACRⓇ covers the misuse of the term “stable,” depression in radiologists, reporting of incidental findings, categorical radiology residency programs, and 3D printing among other things.

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How to Land an Interview With Your Perfect Group

You’ve found your preferred job. Use this advice to get the interview.aug rfs landing an interview

So you’ve found the job you want. Now you have to land an interview. First impressions are everything.

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Developing A Resident Health Care Economics Curriculum: Perspectives and Adviceaugust rfs economics curriculum

In the day-to-day crunch to gain clinical knowledge as a trainee, it’s tempting to put off learning the economic fundamentals. After all, health care economics isn’t tested on the Core exam and nobody will ask about it when you’re on call.

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Resident Work-Life Balancework life balance

There’s an alarming trend across radiology: physician burnout. Recent articles in the JACR® and RSNA News have highlighted the declining job satisfaction of radiologists.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Adam Specht, MD

This is the first installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we will interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR.leadership

For the first installment, I will be interviewing Adam Specht, MD, who is in his second year on the ACR College Nominating Committee (CNC), for which he was elected Vice Chair.

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JACR June 2016 Highlights


The June Issue of the JACR® covers the misuse of the term “intact,” knowledge and ordering habits of clinical residents, a radiology resident consultant service, a rebuttal to radiology commoditization and more. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

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RFS Voices: Job Search

Job searching season is here. Follow these tips to find a position that suits your needs.job search

It’s July, and change is upon us. For trainees in medicine, this heralds the beginning of a new academic year.

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Culturally Connected: The RFS International Subcommittee

Do you have an interest in bettering the world around you?International

Some of my earliest memories take place at my best childhood friend’s home with her Italian born parents. I distinctly remember running through their backyard with rows of oversized aromatic rosemary bushes and soft, fragrant basil plants.

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A Resident’s View — AMA 2016

Attending the AMA meeting can have an impact on your career.

purakal ama rfs voices

Recently, I had the honor of being invited by Arl Van Moore, Jr., MD, FACR, to serve as an alternate delegate representing the American College of Radiology to the American Medical Association annual meeting.

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Why I Belong to A3CR2

(And why you should too.)A3CR2

As a chief resident, have you ever wondered how to motivate and engage your fellow residents?

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News from the Chair of the Resident and Fellow Section

Growth and Maturation of the ACR Resident and Fellow SectionRFS

The American College of Radiology Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) has grown tremendously since its inception 28 years ago.

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Final Read

final read july 16

Q: How does participating in outside activities benefit you as a physician?

I always encourage medical students to nurture a passion outside of medicine, be it playing a musical instrument or writing poetry.

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JACR May 2016 Highlights

What should readers be checking out in the May 2016 JACR?


The May Issue of JACR covers keeping “as above” out of the impression, an innovative fourth-year resident elective, unhappiness in radiologists, developing a state RFS chapter, and more. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

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Patient Interaction Revamped

Residents at Indiana University School of Medicine get out of the reading room to deliver patient results in person.

JUN BLOG RFS KerridgeElective web

"If someone would have just come in here and told me my ultrasound was negative, I would have doubted them or not believed them. To go through the images and have everything explained shows me that the test is truly normal and there is someone dedicated to looking at every image." — Ms. C (a patient who participated in a radiologist consultation)

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Radiology Advocacy in an Election Year

How do current politics impact radiology?


As you’ve surely noticed, the current election season is in turmoil. Next January we will have a new president and potentially a very different political climate to navigate.

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ACR 2016 RFS Meeting Recap

The RFS Executive Committee put together a packed schedule for the RFS meeting at the ACR 2016 annual meeting.

Washmap web

Last month, RFS members from across the country gathered for the ACR 2016 meeting in Washington, D.C. After the welcome, there were updates from the various subcommittees under the umbrella of the RFS and discussion on topics most relevant to the next generation of radiologists.

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Catching Up With the ABR

As the new Core Exam enters its fourth year, here’s what you should know about the changing world of board certification.


In 2013, the American Board of Radiology (ABR) introduced a new process for board certification that included two written examinations — the Core Exam and the Certifying Exam. These new tests replaced the previous model, which relied on two written exams and one oral exam.

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Kathmandu: Week 3

A trek outside the capital shows the challenges faced by hospitals in remote areas.Everest

Read about Dr. Kapalczynski’s first and second weeks in Nepal. And check back each week for updates on his project.

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Kathmandu: Week 2

Installing Nepal’s first PACS in a government hospital proves more complex than expected.


Read about Dr. Kapalczynski’s first week in Nepal. And check back each week for updates on his project.

Sitting in the radiology department lounge, I sunk deeper into my worn and somewhat dilapidated armchair as I listened to a half dozen phone calls being fielded by the hospital’s elusive IT administrator.

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RFS JACR® Highlights: April

What should I read this month?



The April issue of the JACR® covers job seeking strategies, how to correctly use the term “nonspecific” in your reports, the growing competitiveness of fellowships, and more. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

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Increasing the Numbers for the Match

RFS Voices


Radiologists across the country were surprised to see 13.7 percent of diagnostic radiology residency positions go unfilled in the 2015 match, despite the specialty having one of the most competitive residency tracks in the United States for many years.

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Kathmandu: Week 1

A resident’s introduction to Nepal proves exciting, chaotic, and rewarding.


It was my first day in Kathmandu and I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed as my tiny taxi weaved through the dusty congested streets of the Himalayan capital.

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Professional Guidance

The most successful mentorships benefit both mentors and mentees.


A few years after joining Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Eric A. Walker, MD, reluctantly participated in a mandatory junior faculty development program. Through the program, Walker was assigned a mentor, an orthopedic surgeon nearing the end of his career who often volunteered in Honduras.

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Resident’s Preview of ACR 2016

Get a peek at special meeting content for residents and fellows


The 24th annual meeting of the ACR Residents and Fellows Section (RFS) will be held May 14–15, 2016, in conjunction with ACR 2016 annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Registration for the RFS meeting is free for all residents and fellows.

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A Resident’s Primer on Radiology Advocacy

My Rutherford Fellowship Experience


I was incredibly fortunate to complete the ACR Rutherford-Lavanty Governmental Relations Fellowship last month in our nation’s capital. The fellowship, established in 1993, was named in honor of the first ACR lobbyist, J.T. Rutherford, and Donald F. Lavanty, ACR’s principle legislative consultant for 42 years.

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March JACR® Highlights

What should I read this month?


The March 2016 issue of the JACR® covers big data, structured reporting for physicists, and more. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

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Preparing for the Business of Radiology: A Nontraditional Approach

One physician’s path from management consultant to radiology resident


Alexander Misono, MD, MBA is a radiology resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, but he’s already switched careers. After a stint in management consulting, Misono changed course and headed to medical school. The Bulletin caught up with Misono to discuss the areas of overlap in radiology and business and the various paths to gaining business experience in a medical context.

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Potential impact of social media on global radiology education

RFS 3 8

Social media is a fascinating virtual world where people meet, interact, and share their thoughts. According to most recent estimates, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users and Twitter had 320 million. And it just keeps on growing.

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Global Health Informatics

Getting Started

RFS3 9

The ACR RFS International Outreach Subcommittee at the 2015 ACR annual meeting presented several projects that students have worked on in various countries as part of global health elective months.

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Crossing Over

The gap between generations of radiologists isn’t as wide as you’d think.


The millennial generation is self-absorbed. Generation X is overly cynical. The baby boomer generation lives to work. These stereotypes — and more — saturate conversations whenever the topic of age comes up.

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February JACR Highlights

What should I read this month?


The February 2016 issue of the JACR® covers malpractice claims, reporting adverse events, and peer review in residency. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

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What Is the ACR Doing About MACRA, MIPS, and APMs?

A Resident’s View


If you’re wondering what the ACR is doing to position radiology for success in the changing health care system, I’ve got an answer for you: A lot.

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Is Co-Management the Future of Health Care?

A recent Imaging 3.0 case study charts one practice’s strategy for adapting to the future of health care.

FEB Co management
As we all know, the current health care system is continually changing. We’re seeing more direct employment of physicians by hospitals, new payment models, and increasing demands for more efficient and cost-effective health care. In this dynamic health care climate, the ultimate focus for an organization revolves around the patient’s experience, quality of care delivered, and cost.

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The Moorefield Fellowship

RFS Voices


Melissa Chen, MD, neuroradiology fellow at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, tells the Bulletin about her time as an ACR Moorefield Fellow, spending time with the economics and government relations departments at ACR HQ.

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January JACR Highlights

What should I read this month?


The January 2016 issue of the JACR® covers current hiring practices, the best articles of 2015, the physics of CT compliance, and more. Here are a handful of articles on topics of special interested to radiologists in training.

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3 Questions About the Council Steering Committee

Andrew Moriarity, MD, RFS representative to the Council Steering Committee (CSC), explains the role of the committee in ACR governance — and why it matters to you.

Moriarity CSC

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Why It Matters: the Recent News on the PC MPPR and PALS

Two recent legislative victories made a serious impact on the future of the specialty. Here’s what these events mean for radiologists and their patients.



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Around the World

This year's Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant recipient headed to Botswana to treat patients and teach hospital staff.

IMG 1084

January 2016

Unsafe water, malnutrition, malaria, air pollution, road traffic injuries, poor access to health care — these are just a few of the health issues residents face in developing countries. Each year, the ACR Foundation funds volunteer radiologists traveling to underserved nations through the Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant.

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December JACR Highlights

What should I read this month?


The December 2015 issue of JACR highlights nonradiologists' perspectives on health services research and policy in radiology with guest editors Richard Duszak Jr., MD, FACR, Danny Hughes, PhD, and Ruth C. Carlos, MD, FACR. Understanding the nonradiologists viewpoint is critical in the changing landscape, as patients take a more active role in their care and as more decisions are made by health care economists and administrators.

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The Intersociety Committee and Summer Conference

Resident’s View

iStock 000072606561 Small

Established in 1979 but with roots dating back to the 1930s, the Intersociety Committee is a freestanding committee of the ACR. It’s mission is to “establish and promote communication among the leaders of national radiological societies and to provide them with open access to all the resources of the College through the committee, with the chair serving as an ombudsman for all radiologic organizations.”

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The Scope

A trip to Haiti shows the challenges and potential rewards of providing sustainable medical aid.


A mobile C-arm was the last thing I expected to see in a border town in Haiti. It was donated from overseas and tragically collecting dust. Our host at the medical center said the machine had never been used in the years since it was received. She wasn't even sure if it was functional.

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Diversified Assets

A member-in-training perspective on diversity now and in the future


In my own experience, I don’t think the question we should be asking is, why are radiology and radiation oncology being so exclusionary?

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November JACR Highlights

What should I read this month?


November 2015

This month the journal features articles on the job situation in radiology, the ICD-10 transition, and perspectives on residency spots. Here is a list of articles in the JACR® that may be of particular interests to residents and fellows.

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How to Start an Online Journal Club

Lessons learned four years after launching the ACR RFS virtual journal club

RFS 11 3

November 2015

It’s Thursday evening and I’m wrapping up my work for the day. Taking a look at my watch, I’m relieved to see I’ll make it to journal club on time. Instead of running out the door, I simply minimize the PACS and launch my web browser.

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The Importance of Participating in the AMA

RFS Voices


November 2015
McKinley Glover, MD, ACR RFS vice chair, explains why he got involved in the AMA and why residents need to have a voice in the future of medicine.

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What is the Role of Physician Extenders in Radiology?

A look inside the October RFS Journal Club


November 2015

In the current world of physician shortages and demand for more affordable care, the extent of advanced practices providers’ role in health care is a topic of interest. Some predict that the country’s demand for physician services may soon exceed the supply, creating a drive for the increased utilization of nurses and physician assistants in clinical practice.

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The 2015 RLI Leadership Summit

Reflections by Residents and Fellows


The Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) Summit, a four-day program held at Babson College, brought together trainees, practicing radiologists, and allied health professionals to learn management and leadership skills from business experts. Scholarships for trainees to attend the summit are available through the RLI and through state chapters of the ACR. The RFS caught up with several scholarship winners to hear about their experiences and takeaways from the summit.

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RADtoberfest Countdown

Top 5 reasons to contribute to RADPAC before Nov. 1


We are now in the tail end of the 2nd annual RADtoberfest, the largest fundraising event of RADPAC (the ACR’s Political Action Committee). Until Nov. 1, radiologists will compete in divisions based on chapter size. The chapter with the highest number of contributors per state wins! If you have not contributed to RADPAC yet this month, you only have a couple days left. What are you waiting for? Here are the top five reasons you should contribute to RADPAC right now!

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What does a USPSTF Grade Mean?

Here's the rundown


On October 5, 2015, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released a draft statement regarding colorectal cancer screening.

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October JACR® Highlights

What should residents read this month?


October 2015

This month the journal features articles on acing the interview, report phraseology, and the future of precision medicine. Here is a list of articles for the JACR® that may be of particular interests to residents and fellows.

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I’m Out of Training. Now What?

The transition from training to practice comes quickly.


October 2015

Four years of medical school, one year of internship, four years of residency, and two years of fellowship later, I am finally done with my training! Now what?

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A Resident-to-Resident Discussion About ICD-10

48100768 illustration

September 2015
As the ICD-10 transition is upon us, I sat down to discuss the transition to ICD-10 with Margaret Fleming, MD, of Emory University. Dr. Fleming and her colleagues recently published a manuscript on this topic, entitled “Magnitude of Impact, Overall and on Subspecialties, of Transitioning in Radiology from ICD-9 to ICD-10 Codes” in the JACR™. As Dr. Fleming explains, the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) diagnosis coding system is designed to track epidemiologic data worldwide, but it is also integral to medical billing and reimbursement. The combination of the CPT and ICD codes is used to determine medical necessity, which is a criterion for reimbursement.

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The Skunk Works

Socioeconomics from the general, small, rural practice perspective


September 2015

If you are an aviation buff, you may have heard of the Skunk Works, a top secret aerospace engineering division that has developed the most advanced aircraft in history.

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Bridging the Gender Gap in Radiology: Part 1

Setting the Foundation



August 2015

Three years ago, I sat in a room full of applicants and waited to get over my interview jitters ahead of my first radiology residency interview. Those who had already interviewed reassured me that conversation was casual, and, indeed, the interviews were meant as a way to get to know us as opposed to being a chance to grill us on details of research or test clinical acumen. My first interviewer, a female radiologist, caught me by surprise: “Why do you think there are so few female radiologists?”

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A Rotation in Japan

There's more than clinical learning to be done abroad.



August 2015

After a recent elective rotation in Tokyo, Ivan M. DeQuesada, MD, sat down with Colin M. Segovis, MD, PhD, RFS secretary, to fill us in on daily life as a resident in Japan, setting up an international experience, and the art of break-room picnics.

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Targeting Imaging Needs and Challenges in Tanzania

A resident’s experience conducting a RAD-AID Radiology-Readiness Survey.


August 2015

By far, my favorite part of radiology residency has been the ever growing presence of global health outreach and my interactions with others in learning about the challenges unique to different countries. I love figuring out innovative solutions to overcome these challenges and generating discussions to spread the spark of imagination.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to be part of a three-person team headed by Dr. Woojin Kim, MD, traveling to Tanzania to help with a Radiology-Readiness Survey being conducted by RAD-AID, a non-profit organization with the overall mission to improve radiology resources in areas of need across the world.

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Modernizing the Radiology Residency Curricula

Are we training tomorrow’s radiologists to succeed in yesterday’s health systems?


July 2015

The field of radiology is in a state of flux. Changes in the financial and political landscape, along with numerous technological innovations, threaten to transform how radiology has been traditionally practiced.

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A Resident’s Primer on Breast Density

Are we communicating with our patients clearly about this controversial topic?


July 2015

What Does Current Breast Density Legislation Entail?

In October 2009, Connecticut passed Public Act 09-41, requiring radiologists to communicate breast density information to patients undergoing mammography for both screening and diagnostic mammograms.

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May JACR Highlights

A trainee’s perspective on the May issue

 JACR Cover May1

This month the journal featured articles on price variability, perceptions of radiology in the health system, and differing views on maintenance of certification. Here are a few of the articles most pertinent to residents and fellows. Access the complete May issue of the JACR here.

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

News from the Chair of the RFS

RFS Executive Committee 470r

As the ACR Resident and Fellow Section enters its 27th year, we have much to celebrate but still significant room to grow. The amount we have accomplished in only the past few years is striking, and we aim to maintain, if not improve upon, this trajectory.

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ACR Capitol Hill Day: A Resident’s Experience

As ACR members headed to the yearly advocacy event, one of the College’s newest physicians reports back on an eventful day in Washington, D.C.


On a hot Wednesday in May, more than 630 radiologists from across the country visited the congressional offices of more than 290 members of Congress.

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How Can I Help?

Opportunities for International Outreach and Involvement from the ACR RFS International Outreach Subcommittee


June 2015

The ACR RFS International Outreach Subcommittee is a young and active group. Our aim is to be the primary resource for residents and fellows seeking information about global health imaging opportunities.

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Focus on Quality and Safety

Experiences as an Amis Fellow


June 2015

Manisha Bahl, MD, MPH, is a fourth-year radiology resident at Duke University Medical Center and the 2014–15 E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellow in Quality and Safety.

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A Resident’s View at ACR 2015

Perspectives From a First-Time Attendee


June 2015

As the end of my general radiology residency and the start of my fellowship quickly approach, I have become more interested in the transition from residency to practice. 

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Take Home Messages from ACR 2015

Charting a course after the meeting ends


June 2015

As a resident, my time is spent furiously learning the intricacies of our profession while simultaneously doing my best to practice radiology on a day-to-day basis.

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In Case You Missed It

ACR 2015: Monday May 18


May 2015

Here's what happened on day 2 of the conference.

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Lessons Learned

How are 2014 Radiology Leadership Institute® scholarship recipients applying the skills they acquired and making a difference in their practices?


April 2015

Since its inception two and a half years ago, and with more than 2,100 enrollees, the Radiology Leadership Institute ® (RLI) has prepared hundreds of radiologists to meaningfully shape the future of health care.

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Fueled by Frustration in Africa

How one student's journey influenced her decision to go into medicine

March 2015

I will confess my venture into global health first began as a college student with the selfish hope to fulfill a childhood dream to go to Africa, with an idealistic naivety that I was about to change the world with a single visit.

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YPS Pathway


The ACR Young and Early Career Physician Section (YPS) annual meeting track has been developed to provide a unique program option focused on enhancing the professional, political, and industry specific knowledge of young and early career physicians. With sessions ranging from Advocacy 101 to Strategic Planning to Money Matters, YPS members can be confident they will leave the meeting with a stronger leadership and practice management skill set and a broader professional network.

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RFS Pathway


The Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) pathway focuses on providing ACR members-in-training with an opportunity to gain introductory insight into the College's efforts to serve as a legislative voice for our profession, improve local and international outreach, and act as a unifying body for radiologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and medical physicists.

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Ace Your Interview

Veterans offer tips for a successful interview, whether you're looking for your first job or a mid-career change.


February 2015


Interviews are a critical piece of the hiring process. Here, both you and your potential employer have the chance to assess whether or not you are a good fit for one another.

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Resident Rotation at Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone, Botswana

A resident recounts her time in Botswana


February 2015

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania radiology residency program offers a six-week rotation through Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone, Botswana. I was fortunate enough to participate in this elective from January-February 2014. The following is a short summary of my experience.

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Mail Call

ACR legal counsel responds to questions from residents and fellows.


January 2015

An old saying emphasizes that man is a social animal. That fits most lawyers — the social part, that is — and we're no exception!

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The ACR Forum

An RFS Perspective


January 2015

Every year, the ACR organizes a diverse group of radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, and others involved in the practice of radiological care to discuss important issues affecting the daily practice of members.

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Our Common Language

The 2012 Goldberg-Reeder recipient recounts her experiences abroad.


November 2014

I was fortunate enough to receive the Goldberg-Reeder Resident Travel Grant in 2012 where I studied the barriers and facilitators for mammography screening compliance in Chilean women alongside the Departments of Family Medicine and Radiology at the esteemed Pontificia Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile.

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Rethinking Residency

Should limited job opportunities for radiologists lead us to reduce residency training program sizes?

Radiology Jobs - Rethinking Residency

The ACR Commission on Human Resources has reported the results of its 2014 Workforce Survey, indicating that the number of job opportunities available in 2014 will be approximately 1,100,1 similar to the figures in 2013.2 (Read more about the 2014 results at

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Identifying the 'Imaging Gap' in Global Health

How can radiologists provide access to care for all patients?


October 2014

Radiology has the potential to contribute an important component to evidence-based medicine in United States (US). It is intriguing to know the way medicine is practiced in other parts of the world, especially in resource-restrained countries. Do they rely more on radiographs and ultrasound, or do they depend mostly on the disease endemicity, medical history and physical examination? Empirical literature is available on health care gap across the world, but the literature is severely limited when it comes to imaging resources, their availability and utilization. This raises the need to identify this gap in radiology healthcare and literature to help us build a strong foundation on which we can judiciously and effectively allocate resources for global health.

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What I Wish I’d Known

Radiologists from around the specialty share their best advice for a younger version of themselves.


No matter where you are in your career, chances are someone else has already been there. This month, the Bulletin brings together radiologists from throughout the specialty to give advice to their younger selves about what they wish they’d known earlier in their practices.

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Challenges and Lessons Learned

Takeaways from Tanzania and Malawi

Zomba Hospital 1


This year, I had the opportunity to travel to two African nations, Malawi and Tanzania. While in Zomba Malawi this past November, Dignitas International, and staff working at the Zomba Central Hospital kindly welcomed me to their facilities where I was invited to lecture on cervical cancer and participate in clinic.

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Well Traveled

Radiologists look back on their experience with the ACR's Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant.well traveled

You've just transferred to a new hospital, and things are looking rough. At best, you have an ultrasound machine at your disposal, but no sonographer. Patients come to you clutching their films, sometimes walking for miles to get to your door.

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Med School Reboot

Many medical schools take an antiquated approach to radiology education, but as imaging awareness increases, some schools are overhauling their school robot

Some things are meant to go together: peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, milk and cookies, and radiology and the continuum of patient care. While that last couplet may not be a household phrase, radiology is undoubtedly an integral part of medicine.

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Investing in the Future of Radiology

The Minnesota Chapter Increases Resident Involvement through AMCLC.Investing in Future of Radiology

For many members of the ACR, AMCLC represents the highlight of the radiology calendar year and plays a central role in creating policies that affect the practice of radiology.

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College Update

The Resident and Fellow Section, Young and Early Career Physician Section, American Board of Radiology, clinical research, and Neiman Health Policy Institute leadershuip outline changes to the specialty and directions going forward.College Update

As part of Monday’s AMCLC programming, leaders representing the Resident and Fellow Section (RFS), the American Board of Radiology (ABR), the Young and Early Career Physician Section (YPS), clinical research, and the Neiman Health Policy Institute (HPI) reported on activities, accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the future.

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Final Read

Q: What is the best advice you would give to young radiologists just starting out?final read

Residency is a wonderful place; you may make lifelong friends while learning the fundamentals of a skillset that will support you and your family for decades.

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Final Read

Q: What nonclincial subject do you wish had been included in your residency curriculum?final read

I have always loved learning new things. Since my residency and fellowship, I’ve studied languages and crafts, learned new sports, and gotten a couple of master’s degrees.

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An Eye to the Future

The Johns Hopkins Hospital radiology department's Future Leaders program prepares employees to lead at all eye to the future

What makes a good leader? The ability to motivate a team by leveraging their unique talents? An instinct for achieving success, the result of long experience? A willingness to push colleagues to be the best they can be?

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What Makes the ACR Tick?

Ramesh S. Iyer, MD, tells the Bulletin about his experience as a Valerie P. Jackson Education Fellow.what makes acr tick art

During the fall of 2013, Ramesh S. Iyer, MD, assistant professor of radiology at the University of Washington and staff radiologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, visited the ACR Education Department in Reston, Va., as the Valerie P. Jackson (VPJ) Education Fellow.

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The ACR Needs You

Dispelling myths about the benefits of ACR membership and participation.acr needs you

I am categorized by the ACR as a “young or early career” physician, as I am under 40 and within the first eight years of my practice. If you’re like me, you know that the landscape of the profession has changed.

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Final Read

Q: What do you wish you'd known when you finished your residency?final read

Health care is a business, and I wish I had business training! During medical school, we focus on learning the fundamentals of medical science, including anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

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Total Integration

At one medical school, radiologists are adding value throughout students' education and reinforcing the radiologist's central role in patient integration

When Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine was established in 2008, the administration approached its curriculum in an unorthodox way.

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A Teachable Moment

A radiology resident visits the ACR Education Department to grow as an educator.a teachable moment

During the winter of 2013, Lu Anne V. Dinglasan, MD, MHS, vascular and interventional radiology fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, visited the ACR Education Department in Reston, Va., as this year's Valerie P. Jackson (VPJ) Education Fellow.

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Reporting Back

The RFS, Young and Early Career Physicians Section, ABR, and clinical research leadership outline changes to the specialty and directions going forward.reporting back

As part of Monday's AMCLC programming, leaders representing the 2012-2013 Resident and Fellow Section, the ABR, ACRIN®, and RTOG® reported on activities, accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the future.

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Global Reach

ACR's Goldberg-Reeder Grant sends residents to communities in need across the reach

In communities throughout the developing world, access to valuable medical imaging remains out of reach for much of the population. With this in mind, each year, the ACR funds projects for up to four residents interested in using their training in a humanitarian project abroad.

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The Rutherford Experience

Radiology chief resident spends a week embedded in government relations.rutherford experience

During the fall of 2011, radiology resident Bhavya Rehani, MD, spent a week with the ACR Government Relations Department in Washington, D.C., as the J.T. Rutherford Government Relations Fellow. The fellowship is named in honor of the first ACR lobbyist and was founded in 1993 to give radiology residents a better understanding of government's role in radiology.

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Mentorship in Action

Radiologists at all career stages create a culture of support.mentorship in action main pic

Peter H. Van Geertruydne, MD, compares finishing residency to diving off a cliff into the unknown. For many young physicians, this post-residency period is the first time in their career that they face so many choices.

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Laying the Foundation

ACR establishes Young Physicians Section to foster the growth of talented early-career radiologists.laying the foundation

While many important resolutions were presented to the ACR Council at the 2012 AMCLC, one in particular should resonate with young physicians and those early in their careers.

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Final Read

Q: How did you choose your subspecialty?final read

When I was a radiology resident, I have to admit that I was mystified by nuclear medicine. Residents sometimes jokingly called the field "unclear medicine."

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Final Read

Q: What is your favorite aspect of residency?final read

Radiology residency has been the most exciting and inspiring time of my life.

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Commemorating 100 Years

Texas Radiological Society leaders reflect on their centennial meeting and overall success.commemorating 100 years

The chapter task force overseeing the Texas Radiological Society (TRS) 2013 centennial meeting includes 13 subcommittees and close to 40 TRS members, who will ensure every detail — from the hotel accommodations to a one-of-a-kind educational programming — runs smoothly. This group will make next year's celebration of 100 years, held on April 5-7, 2013, in Houston, one to remember.

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Radiology residents push to complete their residency on a high note and begin building their careers.driven

What makes one person spend four hours studying for a test when another only studies for 30 minutes? Perhaps it's the desire to out-perform peers or a need to truly master the material.

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Mirror Mirror

New board exam format more closely represents the practice of radiology.mirror mirror

Education has come a long way since radiology boards were established in 1934 with solely oral components.

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Final Read

Q: Tell us about an educational opportunity you've pursued outside the read

I am scheduled to complete a medical journalism elective for ABC News in New York City in October 2012.

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Without Borders

ACR travel grand funds member-in-training volunteerism in Bangladesh and Uganda.without borders

To choose the practice of medicine is to build a life and career around helping patients. In that sense, many physicians inherently feel a strong commitment to assisting all communities in need, whether in their own backyard or across the globe.

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Putting In-Training Exams to the Test

For years, residents have taken either the DXIT™ or TXIT™ exam. Soon one of them will be going training tests

The past few years have been a period of extraordinary change for radiology exams. In 2008, the ABR announced that it would be altering the board exams given to residents beginning in the fall of 2013.

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Final Read

Q: Tell us about your international rotation read

During my medical school and internship years at Brown University, I collaborated with my mentor Anne S. DeGroot, M.D., from the Global Alliance to Vaccinate Against AIDS, to identify, raise funds for, and train medical professionals to use an ultrasound machine for a community-based clinic in Sikoro, a slum of Bamako, Mali.

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JACRⓇ November 2016 Highlightsjacr cover

The November Issue of JACRⓇ covers incidental findings, international perspectives on preventative screening, and more. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

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