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July 2015

This week we’re reading about how radiologists can do more with less, why imagers should be circumspect when it comes to using GBCAs for MRIs, and the patient perspective from John Steinbeck.

Seeking radiology in the value aisle: Concede nothing on quality, do more with less
“We need to be making sure that we are able to connect the dots across all of these information systems and silos. Consolidation brings challenges of interoperability and efficiency and the need for us to do more with less”
Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Drug Safety Communication — FDA Evaluating the Risk of Brain Deposits With Repeated Use

Recent publications in the medical literature have reported that deposits of GBCAs remain in the brains of some patients who undergo four or more contrast MRI scans, long after the last administration. It is unknown whether these gadolinium deposits are harmful or can lead to adverse health effects.
What do I want in a Doctor?
What do I want in a doctor? Perhaps more than anything else—a friend with special knowledge. If you had never dived and I were with you, it would be my purpose to instruct you in the depths and dangers, of the pleasant and the malign. I guess I mean the same thing somewhat.

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