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June 2015

This week in links we have transparency on hospital and physician utilization, radiologists engaging more directly with patients, and more.

New Medicare Data Available to Increase Transparency on Hospital and Physician Utilization
“Data serves as a rich resource to a clearer look into Parts A and B costs, services, and trends,” says CMS.

Radiologists and Patients: The Rocky Road to Engagement
New payment models are taking patient-centered care from theoretical to non-negotiable.

If You Can Read My Note, The Patient Was Sick
Electronic health records solve many problems and create many more.

Lately from the ACR Bulletin

Waiting to Exhale
CMS officially announced its coverage of lung cancer screening in February. How did we get here?

What Diversity Can Do For You
Having a diverse practice isn’t just a good ethical principle — it’s also good business sense.

Incidental Findings, Without Incident
We’re encountering more incidental findings than ever, thanks to exciting advances in imaging technology. How are radiologists managing these unexpected discoveries?

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