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This week, we’re reading about burnout in radiology, the unrecorded amount of time patients spend managing care, and obstacles women face in medical school.

Unique Stressors Lead to Burnout in Radiology

Radiologists experience a high rate of burnout. Why does this happen, and how can radiologists manage workday stress?

Unpaid, Stressed, and Confused: Patients Are the Health Care System’s Free Labor

“Every three months, I just know I’m going to lose a few days of my life.”

Problems with Women in Medicine Begin at Medical School

Combating “the hidden curriculum” in medical school

Recently from the ACR Bulletin

Charting the Future

Get to know the College’s new leaders.

How (and Why) to Get Your Colleagues on Board with CDS

Practical steps to leverage clinical decision support tools and enhance collaboration between ordering physicians and radiologists

Catching Up with the ABR

As the new Core Exam enters its fourth year, here’s what you should know about the changing world of board certification.

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