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A summary of the AMCLC Board of Chancellors meeting.your board in action

The ACR Board of Chancellors held its spring meeting at the AMCLC in May 2013. The meeting focused on multiple initiatives that the College has undertaken in the last 12 months to promote and advance the profession as well as to better serve as the voice of radiology.


I gave an updated on activities taken since the last BOC meeting, highlighting several new initiatives. Included in this report were the release of the first published work of the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute, the formation of the new ACR Commission for Women and General Diversity (chaired by incoming Board of Chancellors member Katarzyna Jadwiga Macura, MD, PhD), the initiation of Imaging 3.0™,and the founding of the ACR Head Injury Institute. During this period, the Radiology Leadership Institute™ (RLI) capital campaign and the Radiology Advocacy Network were also launched. I reported on the importance of Imaging 3.0, which utilizes decision-support technology and other ACR initiatives to better position radiologists as the central diagnosticians in the evolving health-care marketplace. Some innovative plans for ACR 2015, a meeting for all members, were also highlighted. I thanked Barry D. Pressman, MD, FACR, chair of the ACR Bylaws Committee, and members of the Board of Chancellors and Council Steering Committee for the extensive review and discussion on the proposed changes to the ACR Bylaws. The ACR Education Department was also congratulated for achieving accreditation with commendation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

your board in action 2Anne C. Roberts, MD, FACR, ACR secretary-treasurer, provided a financial report and proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. The College remains in good financial position with operating revenue slightly ahead of operating expenses for the current fiscal year. Solid returns on both short- and long-term investments have also boosted ACR reserves. The proposed College budgets for fiscal year 2014 were also approved as submitted.

Howard B. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR, ACR council speaker, highlighted activities at the 2013 AMCLC, noting that this year's meeting featured new innovations including a new voting system and an automated response system. The first open microphone session was moderated by Bruce J. Hillman, MD, FACR, editor in chief of the JACR®. The first session focused on presentations by Edward I. Bluth, FACR, chair of the ACR Commission on Human Resources, about the results of the recent ACR Workforce Study, and by Ezequiel Silva III, MD, chair of the ACR Task Force on Teleradiology, on findings from the task force's recent report. On Tuesday, Geraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, chair of the ACR Commission on Economics, and Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR vice chair of the BOC, moderated a discussion on Imaging 3.0. The council considered 35 practice guidelines, 12 policy resolutions, 3 bylaws resolutions, and 16 resolutions set for sunset policy renewal.

Kimberly E. Applegate, MD, MS, FACR, and Cheri L. Canon, MD, FACR, gave an update on the planning for the annual meeting in 2015. The program and planning committees have been very active this spring, reviewing content and working on the preliminary program template. ACRyour board in action 3 2015 will feature all of the key sessions from AMCLC and will also include unique ACR educational content from programs such as the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute, the RLI, the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology, and the Education Center. The new, expanded annual meeting will be held May 16-21, 2015, at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.

David C. Kushner, MD, FACR, chair of the ACR Commission on Membership and Communications, gave an update on preliminary findings of an ACR membership survey, noting that a full report will be presented to the BOC in October after further benchmarking and focus-group data are collected.

Gerald D. Dodd III, MD, FACR, gave an update on the ACR Task Force on Medical Student Education. The primary goal of the task force has been to investigate the current state of medical education in radiology and explore the role of radiologists in the education of medical students. The task force is in the process of analyzing the results of a survey document that was sent to medical schools. Plans include submitting a white paper for presentation at the fall BOC meeting.

Cynthia S. Sherry, MD, FACR, chair of the ACR Commission on Leadership and Practice Development, gave a snapshot of the achievements of the RLI in its first full year. For the second RLI annual event, held at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, the RLI selected leading radiology professionals to collaborate with the Kellogg Faculty to focus on the implementation of best business practices in a radiology environment. Other first-year accomplishments included exceeding enrollment expectations for both in-person and online courses, establishing curriculum advisors and two MBA pathways, launching the RLI Forum, establishing partnerships with Harvard Business Publishing and the Kellogg School of Management, and facilitating RLI course offerings at multiple ACR chapter meetings.

As part of the ACR Foundation update, Brad Short, senior director of the Member Services Department, reported that approximately 100 physicians participated in the second Haiti Radiology Education Days, which focused on pediatric imaging and featured didactic lectures, hands-on ultrasound training, and group case reviews.

Hillman reported that JACR is celebrating its 10th anniversary and shared future plans to enhance JACR's electronic presence, including using social media to increase engagement with members and subscribers.

At the end of the Saturday meeting, outgoing members of the BOC and officers were recognized and thanked for their outstanding service.
On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 7, 2013, the BOC and CSC held a short meeting during which I welcomed newly elected and appointed members. We also recognized Albert L. Blumberg, MD, FACR, in his new role as president of the ACR. Jacque J. Levesque, MD, president of the Canadian Association of Radiologists, thanked the BOC and CSC and offered continued support from the Canadian association. I shared how impressed I was with the talent and devotion of the board, the CSC, and the staff and encouraged everyone to keep the momentum going for the upcoming year.

The BOC and CSC will meet in October 2013 and will report the meeting's proceedings to the membership.

By Paul H. Ellenbogen, MD, FACR, Chair

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