First Chapters

State chapters that achieved excellence in various categories during the past year were recognized at this year's AMCLC.first chapters

Any state chapter leader will tell you that ACR state chapters and their members are much more than just meeting organizers.

State chapters are dedicated to providing educational opportunities, coordinating local advocacy efforts, and making a positive impact in their communities. Each year the College pays tribute to chapters that distinguished themselves in one of five specific areas: membership, meetings and education, communications, government relations, and overall excellence.

Excellence in Government Relationsexcellence in govt relation

Alan Stolpen, MD, PhD, of the Iowa Radiological Society (Division B); Elaine Lewis, MD, FACR, of the Pennsylvania Radiological Society (Division D); and Gary Dee, MD, FACR, of the Radiological Society of Connecticut (Division C) accepted awards for excellence in government relations. Not pictured: John Benson, MD, FACR, of the Maine Radiological Society (Division A).

Excellence in Meetings and Educationexcellence in meeting and education

Rayda Hernandez-Guasch, MD, of the Puerto Rico Radiological Society (Division A); Dale Shaw, MD, FACR, of the North Carolina Radiological Society (Division D); and Therese Weber, MD, FACR, of the Alabama Academy of Radiology (Division C) accepted awards for excellence in meetings and education. Not pictured: David Hays, MD, of the Arkansas Radiological Society (Division B).

Excellence in Membershipexcellence in membership

Isaac Raymond Kirk III, MD, FACR, of the Texas Radiological Society (Division D), and Naveen Parti, MD, of the South Carolina Radiological Society (Division B) accepted awards for excellence in membership. Not pictured: Richard Kutilek, MD, FACR, of the Nebraska Radiological Society (Division A), and Kevin Smith, MD, of the Minnesota Radiological Society (Division C).

Excellence in Quality & Safetyexcellence in quality

Christina Marks, MD, of the Mississippi Radiological Society (Division B); Jesse Davila, MD, of the Florida Radiological Society (Division D); and Traci Yanke, MD, of the Arizona Radiological Society (Division C) accepted awards for excellence in quality and safety. Not pictured: Maryellyn Gilfeather, MD, FACR, of the Utah State Radiological Society (Division A).

Overall Excellenceoverall excellence

Raymond Tu, MD of the DC Metropolitan Radiological Society (Division C); Amy Kirby, MD, of the Oklahoma State Radiological Society (Division B); Andrew Kayes, MD, of the Hawaii Radiological Society (Division A); and Biren Shah, MD, of the Michigan Radiological Society (Division D) accepted awards for overall excellence.

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