Why I Belong to A3CR2

(And why you should too.)A3CR2

As a chief resident, have you ever wondered how to motivate and engage your fellow residents?

Have you struggled to balance clinical demands and faculty expectations with resident education? Have you wondered if there was a better way of resident scheduling or staffing?

You are not alone. The American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology (A3CR2) is a collaborative community composed of chief residents across the country that struggles with these same issues and more. The mission of A3CR2 is to develop leadership skills in chief residents, foster the collaboration of chief residents with each other and with the leaders of academic radiology, and advance the interests of radiology residents in the affairs of organized medicine.

The American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents continues to grow in size. As a member, there are select privileges, including access to members-only portions of the A3CR2 program. This resident selected programming is designed to tackle many of the current issues facing residents, with an emphasis on shaping chief residents to be leaders both at their own institutions and in the field of radiology. Portions of the program also include a rapid fire case-based board review, as well as presentations regarding medical malpractice, physician contracts, and other pertinent issues for young physicians who will soon be entering the workforce.

During the annual AUR/A3CR2 meeting, there are also enhanced networking opportunities. Programming during the meeting also offers private sessions for members to discuss issues they face at their programs and get feedback from other members.

Additional benefits of membership include year-long access to the annual chief resident survey and future podcasts, and the potential to hold leadership positions within A3CR2. There is also the opportunity to represent the A3CR2 at annual meetings such as the ACR and AMA.

If you are a radiology chief resident and not a member, I encourage you to join in order to take full advantage of the resources and opportunities available. If you are not a chief resident, encourage your chiefs to join, since the training/experience they receive by being members in this organization will benefit all residents.

By Robert Hobohm, MD is the current President of the A3CR2 and PGY-5 resident at University of Cincinnati

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