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The ACR Board of Chancellors and Council Steering Committee held their winter retreat in Dallas on January 18-20, 2013. In addition to the usual business of the board, several invited guests made presentations.

Task Force on Teleradiology Practice

Ezequiel Silva III, MD, chair of the Task Force on Teleradiology Practice, was invited to the meeting to present a white paper that will be published in an upcoming issue of the JACR. The task force, which was implemented in February 2012, was charged with addressing end-user standards, business standards of practice, technology, and regulatory matters. Silva discussed the current state of teleradiology, negatives, positives, market changes, and general definitions. The white paper recommends that the ACR continue to refine the guidelines and standards for teleradiology practice and work to develop protocols and software to enable better communication among physicians, technologists, and imaging managers. It should also develop better protocols for electronic medical record integrations, peer review interfaces, and non-manual communications with dictation systems. ACR should continue monitoring the practice of teleradiology and work with teleradiology providers to ensure that the practice achieves the same high standards we expect from the more traditional practice model. ACR should educate and inform its members about how they should be changing to adapt to an environment in which value-added activities — beyond image interpretation — are critical to maintaining their viability.

Committee on Bylaws

Barry D. Pressman, MD, FACR, chair of the ACR Committee on Bylaws, was invited to the meeting to discuss proposed changes. He noted that the committee was charged with reformatting the ACR bylaws, correcting duplications and inconsistencies, and making recommendations for substantive changes for council approval at the AMCLC in May. The BOC and CSC reviewed and commented on structural, editorial, and substantive changes suggested by the committee. The board gave provisional approval and the Executive Committee will further discuss some items. The discussed changes will be presented to the council for discussion and approval at the AMCLC.

Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, FACR, vice chair of the Commission on Clinical Research and Information Technology, and chair of the Committee on Informatics, was invited to the meeting to give an update on meaningful use, opportunities for innovation, and informatics initiatives. He discussed current events in industry from an IT perspective and weighed in on how health-care reform will affect IT.

Following the talk by Dreyer, Michael Mardini, chief executive officer of NDSC, a leading provider of solutions for radiology clinical decision support, reporting, and workflow, demonstrated ACR Select™, the web version of the ACR Appropriateness Criteria®. (Read more about ACR Select in the column by BOC Chair Paul Ellenbogen, MD, FACR, on page 4.)

imaging 3Imaging 3.0™

Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR, reported on Imaging 3.0, a network of tools and services developed by radiologists for use by radiologists and the medical community and health-care system to optimize imaging at the point of care. He noted that the ACR's plans include promoting Imaging 3.0 tools and awareness; providing education to radiologists, referring physicians, and health-care stakeholders; informing membership about the value of Imaging 3.0; and working with other health-care organizations and policymakers.

I announced that the new Commission for Women and Diversity will be chaired by Katarzyna J. Macura, MD, PhD. Julia R. Fielding, MD, will chair the Committee for Women, and Johnson B. Lightfoote, MD, FACR, will chair the Committee for General Diversity, both under the auspices of the commission.

Reminders and Resolutions

The board was reminded that the first annual International Day of Radiology was held November 8, 2012. The date marked the 117th anniversary of the discovery of the X-ray and the advances in patient care made possible by radiation therapy and medical imaging exams. It was also a reminder that Congress needs to pass legislation relating to diagnostic imaging and halt cuts in Medicare funding for imaging.

It was revealed to the BOC and CSC that the Intersociety Committee has implemented a website that provides history and information about the committee, access to the 52 organizations within the committee, and a calendar of events. (For more information about the committee, visit Additionally, each commission was asked to provide value statements that can be used in Case in Point as well as in daily social media posts. The BOC and CSC also discussed proposed resolutions for council approval at the AMCLC, and each member of the BOC gave a two-minute summary of their activities related to their commission, committee, or task force and presented other important information.

The next BOC meeting will be held at the AMCLC in May 2013. For more information about the BOC, visit

By Paul H. Ellenbogen, MD, FACR

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