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At each year's AMCLC, the BOC votes on nominations for Honorary Fellows and Gold Medalists. Each recipient of these accolades has advanced the specialty, put in the time and effort to excel, and working hard to bring new value to patient care.

This year's recipients include physicians from throughout the country and around the world. Each has qualified for this honor over a lifetime of service and dedication to improving the lives of patients through radiology. Commendations will be awarded at the AMCLC Convocation in May 2013.

Gold Medalists

Harvey L. Neiman, MD, FACR, ACR, Reston, Va.

Harvey NeimanHarvey L. Neiman became CEO of the College following terms as chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors and chair of ACR commissions on economics and ultrasound. Neiman was instrumental in founding the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound and in 1985 was elected president. He also served as a chief of cardiovascular radiology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., director of angiography and sectional imaging at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital, director of angiography at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and chair of the Department of Radiology at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Throughout his career, Neiman has been an advocate for radiology education. The ACR Education Center and the Radiology Leadership Institute were founded under his leadership, and the ACR named its newly founded health policy institute after Neiman in recognition of his contributions to radiology and the College. The ACR also established its Washington, D.C., office under Neiman's leadership with the purpose of fostering government relations activities.

"[Dr. Nieman] has been able to ensure radiology’s place as one of the most enduring, highly respected medical specialties.” — Ellen B. Mendelson, MD, FACR

Neiman has published more than 120 scientific papers, 26 book chapters, and the book Angiography of Vascular Disease. He has given 271 guest lectures and medical presentations worldwide. Through his efforts on behalf of the specialty, says Ellen B. Mendelson, MD, FACR, in her nomination letter, "he has been able to ensure radiology's place as one of the most enduring, highly respected medical specialties."

Richard T. Hoppe, MD, FACR, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, Calif.

Richard HoppeConsidered a leader in the field of radiation oncology, Hoppe is an innovator in the treatment of lymphoma and an advocate for his subspecialty. With his research largely focused on malignant lymphoma, Hoppe is an authority on the use of total skin irradiation in the treatment of cutaneous lymphoma. In addition to monographs, textbooks, and 97 book chapters, his peer-reviewed publications total more than 260.

Hoppe has always placed a premium on participation in radiology societies, at the regional, national, and international levels. He served as president of the Northern California Radiation Oncology Society, the California Radiation Oncology Society, and the American Society for Radiation Oncology. Hoppe has also been active in the College, serving on the Board of Chancellors, the ACRA Board of Directors, and numerous ACR commissions, task forces, panels, and committees.

Though it may sound like Hoppe has spent all of his time in society activities, he also chaired the radiation oncology department at Stanford University for 20 years. In that role, he made it a priority to mentor faculty and residents and encourage his colleagues to get involved in advocacy efforts. In his letter of nomination, Eric J. Hall, DSc, FACR, commented, "Richard Hoppe is a leader in the field of radiation oncology in the international community, an ambassador for the field to the scientific community at large, and an able representative to the general public."

Lawrence R. Muroff, MD, FACR, Imaging Consultants Inc., Tampa, Fla.

Lawrence MuroffFew people wear as many hats at the ACR as Muroff, who serves on the Council Steering Committee, in multiple work groups, on the Board of Directors for the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute, on the board for the Radiology Leadership Institute, as chair of the Committee on Practice Development, as chair of the Committee on Media and Public Relations, and as a member of numerous other committees. His involvement with the ACR goes back decades and includes a term as a member of the Board of Chancellors from 1981 to 1987, service on approximately 50 boards, commissions, committees, and task forces, and many other contributions to the College's efforts and individual members.

“[Dr. Muroff’s] enthusiasm for teaching, writing, and learning is contagious.” — Jonathan W. Berlin, MD, FACR

A pioneer in the clinical development and application of nuclear medicine, Muroff has delivered more than 900 lectures and contributed to more than 80 publications. His early topics were largely clinical, but as he advanced in his career, he began to focus on the professional practice of radiology. "His enthusiasm for teaching, writing, and learning is contagious," wrote Jonathan W. Berlin, MD, FACR, in his nomination of Muroff.

Honorary Fellows

Moshe Graif, MD, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

Moshe GraifA native of Romania, Graif and his family immigrated to Israel when he was a child. Truly a citizen of the world, Graif when on to study and work in Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Argentina. He serves as chair of the Israel Radiological Association, where he has taken on the issues of turf conflicts, working conditions, standards of practice, and radiology benefits management organizations.

In 2002, Graif co-founded the French-Israeli Association of Medical Imaging, of which he is currently co-president. He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Scientific Council of Medical Imaging and is a member of the National Council of Medical Imaging of Israel's Ministry of Health. Graif specializes in MRI, ultrasound, and IT technologies. He has contributed to more than 100 articles and books and presented 70 reports at international radiology meetings.

What Graif's resume does not include is a mention of the physical challenges he faces as a result of a childhood bout of polio. The effects of the disease limit his ability to walk, which he overcomes with the use of a Segway. Despite these challenges, Graif has what Leonard Berlin, MD, FACR, described in his letter of nomination as "the will and determination to live life to the fullest, to carry on a successful career, and to accomplish great things in the face of and in spite of a permanent, severe physical disability."

Mukund Joshi, MD, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, India

Mukund JoshiThroughout his career, Joshi has served as pioneer and advocate for the advancement of radiology in developing countries. He studied radiology throughout the world, training in India, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. After his training, he spent 17 years as honorary professor of radiology at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College Hospital in Bombay. He also served as president of the Maharashtra State Branch of the Indian Radiologic Association, president of the Indian Radiologic and Imaging Association, editor of the Indian Journal of Ultrasound, and chair of the Asian Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.

“[Dr. Joshi] possesses a keen intellect, a subtle sense of humor, and total dedication to medicine, radiology, and his family.” — Charles A. Gooding, MD

Joshi has been instrumental in establishing ultrasound training centers in India and promoting the use of ultrasound, one of the most valuable modalities for developing countries. In his letter of nomination, Charles A. Gooding, MD, notes, "He possesses a keen intellect, a subtle sense of humor, and total dedication to medicine, radiology, and his family."

By Lyndsee Cordes

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