2014-2015 CSC Off to a Running Start

With new members in place, the CSC is focused on the year ahead.csc off to running start

Members of the Council Steering Committee have embraced their role and responsibilities and lost no time getting down to business following the annual meeting.

Work Group Progress

The primary responsibility of Work Group I, chaired by Jacqueline A. Bello, MD, FACR, is to analyze evaluations from AMCLC 2014 attendees and make recommendations. While CSC work groups may change from year to year, this one has become a staple and its members' work will be especially important this year as we look forward to ACR 2015, the first annual meeting for all members — and all of radiology. Under Dr. Bello's leadership, the work group will lead efforts to develop and provide orientation to the council meeting for attendees who have never attended, provide recommendations to ensure appropriate communication to our members about all aspects of the ACR 2015 program, and assist caucus chairs with optimizing their meetings in the context of the new format.

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Work Group II is chaired by Richard Strax, MD, FACR, and focuses on resolutions and policy development. The newly adopted CSC mission statement (see sidebar) outlines the CSC's goal of facilitating and developing ACR policy, and this work group is focused solely on this. Members will work to identify issues through a number of sources and evaluate them for potential policy resolutions. This group will also work with the entire CSC, the BOC, and the ACR Council to promote and facilitate the development of necessary policy resolutions.

Work Group III, chaired by Joesph G. Cernigliaro, MD, FACR, is charged with reviewing and better utilizing the CSC's liaison role with chapters, subspecialty societies, and ACR commissions. Through the liaison program, CSC members provide ongoing communications to the chapters, societies, military branches, and federal agencies represented within our council. The group will seek to not only improve the mechanisms through which the CSC communicates but also the frequency with which they do so. The ultimate goal is to engage the council members and leaders year-round and develop more meaningful relationships.

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Work Group IV, chaired by Sanjay K. Shetty, MD, MBA, is charged with enhancing the attendee experience at ACR 2015 through the use of information technology. Dr. Shetty chaired a similar work group this past year, which resulted in the use of an improved audience response system at AMCLC 2014, the continuation of the popular "Appy Hour" and the launch of a very well-received social media training session. Work group members this year will contribute significantly to the technology orientation for next year's annual meeting and the continued improvement of features that have previously been implemented.

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ACR Strategic Planning

As you may know, the ACR is engaged in strategic planning for the future of the organization. In coordination with Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR, chair of the Board of Chancellors and chair of the ACR Strategic Planning Committee, we invited all councilors and alternate councilors to participate in the strategic planning process. We thank the council members who took advantage of this opportunity to provide input on ACR's future direction via an electronic survey. The results will be aggregated with all the research that the committee is gathering and will contribute to the development of a new plan that members will see in the coming months.

CSC and AMA Resolutions

In June, the AMA's House of Delegates (HOD) approved a resolution for mandatory Medicare coverage of low-dose CT for lung cancer screening. The CSC was asked by Arl Van Moore Jr., MD, FACR, chair of the ACR's delegation to the AMA HOD, to generate grassroots support through its liaison network, which members did very quickly and with positive response. In recent years, ACR delegation initiatives to garner AMA support at the HOD meetings have been quite successful and have proven valuable assets to our government relations team, particularly on issues such as breast cancer screening and repealing the 25 percent multiple procedure payment reduction by CMS in 2012. The CSC will continue to use its liaison communications for similar efforts in the future.

Practice Parameters and Technical Standards

One of the CSC's primary roles (see sidebar on page 24) is to participate in the approval process for parameters and standards, which includes receiving input from members and facilitating council approval at the annual meeting. To that end, we are focused on improving the current processes and developing resources to ensure transparency and facilitate improved participation not only by the council but the members that we represent. The result of our efforts will be shared via the Council News and in web-based councilor orientation materials.

The CSC Looks Forward

Finally, the Moreton Lecturer for ACR 2015, James H. Thrall, MD, FACR, has been confirmed. We have also been busy reviewing the Digest of Council Actions, assessing policies up for their 10-year sunset review, and providing guidance for next year's annual meeting as members of the ACR 2015 Planning and Program Committees.

We are proud to have such an engaging, active, and supportive group to take on the issues that matter to ACR members and the specialty. Please keep in touch by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By Kimberly E. Applegate, MD, MS, FACR, Speaker of the Council, and William T. Herrington, MD, FACR, Vice Speaker of the Council

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