Change Is Coming — But the ACR Stands Ready.

Is your practice on board?


In light of the new rules on value-based care, the College is determined to ensure that members realize all the tools and resources available to help them take advantage of the new payment models coming their way.

If you receive our print issue, you may have noticed that your issue of the Bulletin may look different than your colleague’s. Those radiologists whose membership data showed they have started to prepare for the shift to quality-based care metrics received one cover. Those whose data suggested they were not fully taking advantage of the tools required to shift were sent another.

Regardless of which cover you received, the wave of change is coming. Your practice’s 2017 participation in new quality-based metrics and Clinical Practice Improvement Activities will determine a portion of your reimbursement starting in 2019. As deadlines quickly approach, it’s more important than ever to stay up to date with changes to the way our health system operates. You can learn more about the ins and outs of MACRA and its deadlines in “Catch Your Wave.”

The ACR offers multiple venues for getting ready for what’s next. Imaging 3.0 provides concrete steps to allow all radiologists to take a leadership role in shaping America's future health care system. You’ll also fine real-world case studies, practice-improvement tools, and more.

Another way to get involved in quality metrics is to become a part of the College’s registries. Being part of the ACR’s registries or becoming an ACR accredited facility can demonstrate your value and quality to your referring physicians, patients, and payers. You can even consider becoming an ACR Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE Link) that incorporates these and other quality improvement efforts.

But don’t stop there. The ACR’s collaborative clinical practice improvement initiative, R-SCAN, will help your institution get started with clinical decision support (CDS, another key quality metric and will become a mandated process for Medicare reimbursement in the near future) and Choosing Wisely. R-SCAN is part of a larger group of institutions and practices under the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative set to aid physicians in achieving large-scale health transformation. The College is proud to support CMS in this effort.

The wave of change in health care and radiology is getting ready to crash. Whether you’re ready to ride the wave to success or you’re at risk of being washed over, the ACR has the tools to prepare and assist radiology practices to meet these new quality metrics and improve the care of our patients. Now is the time to either start participating or continue on the path you’ve already begun. Let the ACR be your partner so you can succeed in our new world.

By William T. Thorwarth, MD, FACR, ACR CEO

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