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August 2015

This week, we’re reading about further complications in the shift to ICD-10, recommendations for better communication, and physician thoughts on end-of-life care.

WEDI Makes 4 ICD-10 Recommendations to HHS
Fewer than half of the groups who responded to the Workshop of Data Interchange’s (WEDI) surveys stated that they were ready for the ICD-10 switch.
Radiologist, Meet Patient
Within the chain of patient care, radiologists are still relatively invisible. However, as health care shiftsgatekeepers of an essential service, radiologists should be considered just as important as any other specialist in the process of screening and treatingment of disease, with a role in patient care.
How Doctors Prefer to Die
“On my first job, I just didn’t understand why with one patient we weren’t doing everything we could be doing, and my consultant said, ‘You have to learn when you’re prolonging life and when you’re prolonging death.’”

Lately from the ACR Bulletin

Transfiguring Medicine with CRISPRTransfiguring Medicine with CRISPR
Can diseases be cured by engineering DNA? Radiologists may need to be part of the team to find the answer.
August Special Stakeholder Special Issue
It’s hard to put the patient in the center of health care if you’re standing there yourself.
Taking Stock
With new payment models throwing health care into transition, now is the time to remember why we became physicians in the first place.

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