Welcoming the New Boardwelcoming new board

The ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) held its spring meeting at the AMCLC in April 2012. The meeting included updates on progress made since January 2012.


On Saturday prior to the opening of the council sessions, the BOC and Council Steering Committee (CSC) held a joint meeting, which was followed by split sessions. John A. Patti, MD, FACR, outgoing chair of the BOC, gave an update on meetings held at the European Congress of Radiology and efforts to organize an International Day of Radiology with the goal of raising awareness about imaging's role in advancing modern health care, enhancing visibility of the art and science of radiology, enhancing the professional image of the radiologist, and underscoring the role of radiologists in providing safe patient care. The International Day of Radiology will be Nov. 8, 2012, in recognition of the day when Whilhelm Conrad Roentgen first recognized what would later be called X-rays in his lab on a late Friday afternoon.

All chancellors who chair commissions gave oral presentations or provided written summaries and updates of their commissions' activities. Several key ACR staff members also made presentations to the board. All commissions have submitted value statements which are now included in ACR's daily Case in Point. A formal review process is being implemented for commission chairs and staff to meet at least twice a year to discuss commission plans and budgets.

The proposed College budgets for 2013 were approved as submitted. The Audit Committee has contracted with PricewaterhouseCoopers to conduct ACR's audit.

Howard B. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR, ACR council speaker, highlighted upcoming activities at the AMCLC, noting that the open microphone sessions would focus on value-added radiology and strategies for managing and addressing bundling of radiology services and mechanisms for dealing with decreasing reimbursement. He noted that the 2012 Moreton Lecture, "Possible or Passable: Setting Aims for Accountable Health Care," would be presented by James L. Reinertsen, MD. The Leibel Lecture, "Too Much of a Good Thing: The Uncritical Use of Medical Imaging," was presented by Bruce J. Hillman, MD, FACR. Twenty-five practice guidelines and technical standards, 13 policy resolutions, 28 sunset policies, and 12 resolutions submitted by the BOC and CSC would be presented to the Council.

Geoffrey G. Smith, MD, FACR, chair of the Committee on Chapters, under the ACR Commission on Membership and Communications, gave an update on how the committee is working to implement programs and services. An important component of this effort is the establishment of a new chapter portal which will provide instantaneous chapter membership reports, disseminate and encourage the sharing of information among chapters, provide chapter discussion forums, establish a repository of presentation materials to update chapter members, and create private chapter pages of sharing best practices.

Ezequiel Silva III, MD, FACR, chair of the Task Force on Teleradiology Practice, formed in January 2012, reported that the charge to the task force is to develop best practice standards for ethical and open competition for radiology services and address disintermediation. The standards would also seek safe, high-quality clinical performance for radiologists, their groups, and full service teleradiology companies that primarily serve as contractors to hospitals. Plans include submitting a final paper to the JACR for publication.

The ACR's Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) will have its inaugural event July 12-15 at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University at the James L. Allen Conference Center, in Evanston, Ill. The keynote speaker will be Jeffrey R. Immelt, chair and CEO of General Electric. The program will include sessions presented by renowned Northwestern faculty and radiology leaders.

Additionally, the Board of Directors of the ACR Foundation (comprising the members of the BOC) approved the proposal to launch a fundraising campaign, which will raise a minimum of $7.5 million for the RLI. Corporate support will be solicited first.

The commissions on government relations and economics detailed their intense work from January to April 2012. Discussions included a legislative prognostication of radiology at the end of the 112th Congress and the beginning of the 113th Congress. It also included an update on economic initiatives relating to the CMS rule making and the Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction rule in practice, utilization management, novel payment systems, and economic research.

The Governance Committee, chaired by Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR, ACR vice chair, and the Blue Ribbon Governance Advisory Task Force, chaired by Kay H. Vydareny, MD, FACR, presented a joint report on governance. It was noted that the committee and task force have done an outstanding job in addressing issues of College governance. The new report will be put on the ACR website. The ACR Commission on Human Resources conducted and reported on a workforce survey to determine manpower needs and trends.

The Task Force on Medical School Radiology Education has developed a partnership with the Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology. The overall goal is to improve the quality and content of medical student education in imaging, strengthen radiology's role in medical student education, and create a standardized imaging educational program in medical schools.

A work group, the General Radiologist in the 21st Century, co-chaired by Lawrence A. Liebscher, MD, FACR, and Cynthia S. Sherry, MD, FACR, concluded that general and subspecialist radiologists currently contribute to radiology's central role in U.S. health care and that the future of radiology depends on the perception of radiologists as an integral part of a multidisciplinary team. The group also explained that the multi-specialty radiologist is a viable option to meet the needs of the health-care system and future of radiologists. It was recommended that a steering committee under the Commission on General, Small, and Rural Practices be implemented and charged to guide and coordinate the College's efforts in supporting the multi-specialty radiologist. A copy of the report can be found on the ACR website.

James A. Brink, MD, FACR, briefed the BOC on a global summit on radiological quality and safety. The summit is tentatively planned for early 2013.

At the end of the Saturday meeting, outgoing members of the BOC and officers were recognized and thanked with certificates and small gifts for their outstanding service. Those recognized included Cassandra S. Foens, MD, FACR, Donald P. Frush, MD, FACR, James M. Hevezi, PhD, FACR, Paul A. Larson, MD, FACR, Carol H. Lee, MD, FACR, and Manuel L. Brown, MD, FACR. Patti, who will remain on the BOC as ACR president, was also thanked for his past service as chair.

On Tuesday afternoon, April 24, 2012, the newly installed officers, BOC and CSC held a short meeting. I served as chair of the Board for the first time and welcomed newly elected and appointed members to the BOC and CSC. I also recognized Patti in his new role as president of the ACR and thanked him for his service as chair. I read a short speech to those in attendance outlining how I hoped the BOC and CSC would continue to work closely together and amplify the collegial environment that was established during the previous year. I described several changes that would enhance the CSC's presence and input and that would elevate the voice and influence of the speaker in leadership discussions. I also expected a more active role for the vice speaker and the vice president of the ACR. I stated that I am firmly committed to a successful expansion of the AMCLC into an all-member meeting beginning in May 2015.

The BOC and CSC will next meet in October 2012. To continue its legacy of transparency to ACR members, it will report its proceedings in a subsequent issue of the ACR Bulletin.

By Paul H. Ellenbogen, MD, FACR, Chair

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