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Q: How has state chapter membership benefited you?final read

Each month during my second year of residency in Minnesota, faculty and residents would pile into cars for the hour-long ride to the state chapter meeting.

On the way, faculty discussed the role of the radiologist in organized medicine. And both in the hospital and at the chapter meetings, I witnessed radiology in action.

After finishing my residency, I moved to Florida, where I was welcomed by the state society and found that I already had connections there as a result of my involvement in the ACR. Getting involved with committees and activities increased my commitment to helping shape the future of radiology. Over the next few years I was appointed to various positions within the executive committee. Now, in my role as a chapter president, I am able to give back to my state by volunteering my time and promoting radiology for the state of Florida.

“Getting involved with committees and activities increased my commitment to helping shape the future of radiology.” — Jesse A. Davila, MD

At both state chapter and ACR events, being surrounded by bright, motivated individuals reinforces the need to stay involved. I have seen firsthand the vital role that state societies and the ACR play in protecting and defining the field of radiology. My time in state leadership has made it clear to me that only through continued grassroots radiologist-driven efforts do we have any chance of directing the future of radiology.

final read headshotJesse A. Davila, MD
Musculoskeletal radiologist, MBB Radiology, Jacksonville, Fla.
President, Florida Radiological Society
Radiology department chairman elect, Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville, Fla.

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