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The ACR Commission on Membership and Communications wants you to know what the College can do for you.spreading the word

The Bulletin caught up with David C. Kushner, MD, FACR, chair of the Commission on Membership and Communications, to discuss its strategy for supporting members and communicating the College’s message.

What are the goals of the commission?

The commission works to make the ACR a key resource for members, and prospective members, on issues related to radiology. We want to make sure the ACR’s communications to our members and on behalf of our profession are as effective as they can be for each of these different audiences.

The commission also focuses on increasing membership by creating and demonstrating value in the ACR. We want to increase membership because the College has so much to offer radiologists, and we know that we as a specialty are stronger when we’re united. A big part of that comes from understanding what our members need and want and then finding the best ways to deliver those services to radiologists, radiation oncologists, and medical physicists.

Another important part of the commission relates to the 54 ACR chapters, which are integral to the way the College functions. We provide CME sponsorship for chapter meetings and collaborate with the chapters to improve meeting attendance and create relevant programming.

Members of the commission recently met for a think tank to set goals for the next year. What came out of that meeting?

ACR members and staff met on a Saturday in the Reston headquarters to discuss and clarify the value the College provides — and can provide — to members and potential members. We came up with a list of recommendations and tasks that the think tank team is working on during 2014. In everything we do, we’re focusing on reaching our members at all stages of their careers, including the younger physicians, who can really benefit from involvement in the College. These young physicians are the future of our specialty, and they’re facing unique challenges as they begin their careers. We want them to feel welcome, engaged, and supported through the ACR.

How have you used the information from the recent membership survey?

One of the conclusions of the survey was that we need to begin segmented membership campaigns. Radiation oncologists are different than diagnostic radiologists, and pediatric radiologists are different than interventional radiologists. We need to tailor our benefits and approaches to be relevant to different groups of members.

We also are aware that we need to reach our members on different communication platforms. Our goal is to reach them in a way that is relevant to their lifestyles. So we’re active on social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. We also publish materials in print, such as the ACR Bulletin and the JACR®. We communicate with our members through emails and launch apps for smart phones and tablets. The world of communication is changing quickly, and the commission is working to reach ACR members through whichever media and platforms they prefer.

Read more about the results of the membership survey at http://bit.ly/SurveyMembers.

spreading the word headshotBy David C. Kushner, MD, FACR, Chair, Commission on Membership and Communications

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