2012-2013 CSC Hits the Ground Running

With a new crop of initiatives underway, the CSC has never been busier.csc hits ground

Members of the ACR Council Steering Committee (CSC) lost no time in getting down to business following their appointment this spring. The CSC was broken into four work groups, each tasked with specific duties.

Work Group Progress

The primary responsibility of Work Group I, chaired by Jacqueline A. Bello, MD, FACR, is to assess the evaluations from AMCLC 2012 attendees and make recommendations (see sidebar for details). The work group is also reviewing the process of delegating council seats for subspecialty societies and promoting the ACR 2015 All-Member Meeting.

Work Group II is chaired by Mark J. Adams, MD, MBA, FACR, and is responsible for the CSC Liaison Program, which provides csc in text 1ongoing communication to the ACR chapters and ACR Council subspecialty societies. The group will also seek to facilitate communications with the chapters and societies by collating issues of importance and ensuring leadership or staff follow-up on unresolved issues. The work group communicates extensively with the ACR Committee on Chapters, which has recently developed a web portal designed to facilitate better chapter communications. Finally, the work group is evaluating the liaison program and the CSC role in communications.

Work Group III, chaired by Timothy L. Swan, MD, FACR, focuses on IT at the AMCLC. For AMCLC 2013, the primary areas of focus include (a) podcasting speaker presentations in real time; (b) establishing an "Appy Hour" for AMCLC technology orientation; (c) enhancing PDF-editing capability so that attendees can make notes on meeting materials and improving availability of materials on mobile devices; (d) enhancing mobile applications; (e) raising member awareness of video streaming for live events; (f) improving navigation and cross-technology usability features with the new ACR website; and (g) implementing election and audience-response software for upcoming meetings.

Work Group IV, chaired by Jonathan Breslau, MD, FACR, is reviewing CSC-related bylaws for clarity and possible changes and has also resolved to review the Policy Progress Report. In addition, the group is charged with identifying new resolutions for CSC sponsorship.

CSC and AMA Resolutions

In June, the AMA's Council on Science and Public Health recommended diluting the current AMA mammography guidelines for women between the ages of 40 and 49. The ACR developed an amendment to the recommendations and asked the CSC to generate grassroots support through its liaison program, the ACR AMA delegation succeeded in getting the amendment adopted. The CSC will continue to use its liaison communications for similar efforts in the future.

CSC Looks Forward

Finally, Kimberly E. Applegate, MD, MS, FACR, vice speaker of the ACR Council, has been busy identifying speakers for the 2013 meeting, reviewing the Digest of Council Actions, assessing policies up for their 10-year sunset review in 2013, and co-chairing the AMCLC 2015 Planning Committee.

I am proud to have such an engaging, active, and supportive group to take on the issues that matter to ACR members and the specialty.

By Howard A. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR
Speaker of the Council

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