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Courses at the Radiology Leadership Institute help you develop and flourish as a leader.subject to change

The ACR Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) is taking professional education to new heights through an innovative taxonomy and a well-defined body of knowledge, which will shape the way the RLI's leadership certification courses are taught.

These new tools will enable the RLI to customize educational offerings to coincide with individual professional leadership goals and strengths.

"Reasonably, circumscribing an essential set of skills and abilities begins with defining and securing a core area of study," explains  Alexander M. Norbash, M.D., MHCM, FACR, chair of radiology at the Boston School of Medicine, assistant dean for diversity at Boston University, and a member of the RLI Board. "As such, the RLI has defined a comprehensive set of core areas of study for those seeking to serve in leadership positions." The curriculum includes these foundational topics, which make up the RLI Common Body of Knowledge™:

• Practice management
• Professional development
• Finance and economics
• Legal and regulatory issues
• Strategic planning
• Service, quality, and safety
• Ethics and professionalism

"Such core areas of study are valid for individuals seeking introductory exposure to leadership such as the RLI Certification of Leadership Proficiency™. They're also important for individuals who envision leadership as a major component of their professional contributions, such as those who will seek the RLI Certificate of Advanced Leadership Proficiency," Norbash continues. "The leadership-training process accurately includes the total sum of its parts and is most successful when all of the essential components are included."

For more information about the RLI, including videos that demonstrate the immediate need for radiology leadership, visit You can also stay informed on RLI events by signing up on the website to receive e-mail updates. The institute's first class is expected to begin summer 2012.

By Brett Hansen

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