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This week we’re reading about ways to make using big data effectively, what doctors are really searching for, and the importance of patient empathy.


Seven Reasons Big Data Analytics Initiatives Fail

Big data is all the rage lately, but there are some considerations to take before you embark on a project.

The Millennials Myth — Young Doctors are Not the Only Ones Using Technology

Young doctors aren’t the only ones tied to their devices. What topics appeal to physicians at every stage of their career?

I’m a Doctor. Preparing You for Death is as Much a Part of My Job as Saving Lives.

"No one has asked me what I want. Can I please go home? All I want is to be home."

Lately from the ACR Bulletin

Traveling Toward Patient-Centered Care

The Commission on Patient- and Family-Centered Care convened to lay the first steps in value-based care.

Preparing for the Business of Radiology: A Nontraditional Approach

One physician’s path from management consultant to radiology resident

Getting the Word Out

With health care becoming increasingly consumer driven, how do you market your practice to both patients and referring clinicians?

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