Informatics and Innovations Pathway


Prep for sources in this pathway by using the following resources. Attendees will discover challenges and solutions of advances in health care technology.


If you're going to this session: Tools for Radiologists and Social Media, read...

RADLAW: Legal Challenges with Social Media in Technology

RLI Webinar Series: Social Media

How Social Media Can Impact Radiology and Medicine



If you're going to this session: Actionable Findings and Communication: Challenges and Opportunities, read...

The ACR IT Reference Guide on Reporting and Communication

Communication of Actionable Information

Optimizing Communication of Critical Test Results

Structured Reporting and Communication


If you're going to these sessions: Clinical Decision Support: Opportunities and Challenges, read...

JACR® IT Resource Guide: Clinical Decision Support

From Theory to Practice

Opening Channels

Imaging 3.0 Case Study: Partnership for Success


If you're going to this session: Image Sharing and Data Management, read...

ACR IT Summit Presentation: "Real World Image Sharing for Patient Care"

JACR IT Resource Guide: Image Sharing

"Effect of an Image-Sharnig Network on CT Utilization for Transferred Trauma Patients: A 5-Year Experience at a Level I Trauma Center"


If you're going to these sessions: Quality and Productivity Metrics: Using Business Intelligence Tools and Data Mining Strategies to Demonstrate Value, read...

Business Intelligence, Data Mining, and Future Trends

Business Intelligence for the Radiologist: Making Your Data Work For You

No Left Turns in Radiology

The Ones and Zeroes of Radiology


If you're going to this session: Image Exchange: Where We Are and Where We Are Going and Teleradiology — Challenges and Opportunities, read...

IT Reference Guide: Mobile Devices

Use of Mobile Devices for Medical Imaging

ACR Teleradiology Resource Page

Teleradiology: Two-Edged Sword or Friend of Radiology Practice?


If you're going to this session: Optimizing Your Electronic Medical Record and Mobile Technology, read...

JACR® IT Resource Guide: RIS/EMR

Imaging 3.0 Case Study: Fortresses with Moats



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