Value Defined

The word "Value" is everywhere. But what does it mean to different groups across the health care spectrum?

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"Value itself cannot be rendered in strictly financial or economic terms. We do not know and cannot express in dollars the value of an extra day or year of life, receiving the news that we have or do not have a life-threatening illness, or seeing someone take really good care of a loved one." — Gunderman RB, Boland GWL. “Value in Radiology.”


Practice Leaders

"Successful businesses live and die by their ability to deliver ever better value to their customers.... A radiology department’s ultimate value [is] timely and actionable information." — Boland GWL, Duszak RL, McGinty G, Allen B. “The Imaging Value Chain: Delivery of Appropriateness, Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction.”



"In the eyes of individual patients, the primary function of radiologists is to interpret the findings of imaging examinations or deliver therapeutic radiologic services, as well as answer specific questions related to their care. What is causing my pain? Do I have cancer? Will this treatment cure my cancer? Is my infection responding to treatment? … Whether in person or through reports, by communicating directly with patients, radiologists add value [to their primary function] by providing accurate, authoritative information that can answer some patients’ concerns as well as provide objective opinions on the patients’ diagnoses or responses to treatment." — Patti JA, et al. “ACR White Paper: The Value Added That Radiologists Provide to the Health Care Enterprise.”


Referring Physicians

"Radiologists are indisputably the best-trained and most experienced physicians at interpreting imaging studies.... Part of the value of the interpretation is consultation with referring physicians about the findings." — Rao VM, Levin DC. “The Value-Added Services of Hospital-Based Radiology Groups.”



Value and Imaging 3.0

Imaging 3.0™ is a direct response to the need to demonstrate the value of imaging throughout the health care spectrum. It includes a set of technology tools that equip 21st-century radiologists to play a key role in evolving health care delivery and payment models — and quality patient care.

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