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Michael J. Kasotakis, MD

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November 2015 

Q:What does the radiologist of the future look like?

In the past, a radiologist’s value may have hinged on one or two attributes.

Getting through a pile of cases may have been the virtuous modus operandi.

The radiologist was often too busy gathering RVUs to build relationships with referring clinicians or technologists. Practice building or leadership development might also have fallen by the wayside in favor of churning out reports.
The pinnacle of this early prototype was Radiologist 1.0, a very efficient but often narrowly focused RVU-generating machine.

Our future Radiologist 3.0, to borrow a term from Imaging 3.0™, will need to focus on four areas in order to succeed: citizenship, leadership, productivity, and quality. Lose one of these pillars and our foundation becomes weak; lose two and the edifice falls. Our future radiologist will need to use all of his or her talents to become a leader not only at a group level, but at the community, local, and even national levels. We need to serve as ambassadors in our field while at the same time extolling excellent citizenry and getting though the pile of cases while producing the highest-quality reads.

While the transition will not be easy, there’s no time to lose in changing our paradigm. Because the future is now.

 kasotakis Michael J. Kasotakis, MD, radiologist at Huron Valley Radiology, PC, Ann Arbor, Mich.

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