Introducing the August Special Stakeholder Issue

Learn how to connect and add value for various stakeholders with tips from stakeholder leaders.


August 2015

"It's hard to place the patient at the center of health care if you're standing there yourself." - James V. Rawson, MD, FACR

Each discrete episode of care for a single patient pulls in professionals from across the medical system. From technologists to medical administrators, radiologists to primary care physicians, each stakeholder contributes to the patient’s care, working together to keep the patient at the center. And this collaboration has never been more important, as health care reform increasingly focuses on value and efficiency.

In this special issue, the Bulletin brings together groups representing three of radiology’s closest allies in caring for their patients: referring physicians, health care systems leaders, and patients themselves. Read on to get each group’s perspective on value, imaging appropriateness, and its interactions with radiology.

Each week this month, we'll be posting an article written by one of the leaders in various health care stakeholder organizations — from patients to the C-suite. To read them, check out the articles below.

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