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The August Issue of JACRⓇ covers the use of generic follow up recommendations, the “fellowship arms race,” after-hour overreads, and variations in teaching strategies, among other things. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

The Fellowship Arms Race Revisited

In this article, Cory Pfeifer, MD, expands upon the discussion started by McKinley Glover, MD, MHS and Tirath Patel, MD regarding the trend for nonmatch fellowships to push interviews and offers sooner than in the past. He opines that the first steps in improving the system are for the ABR to recognize more subspecialties of radiology and for programs to agree upon a common timeline, not necessarily a match system.

Avoid "Short-Term:" Use Units of Time for Follow-Up Recommendations

In this installment of the Speaking of Language series, Jenny Hoang, MBBS, recommends including indication, study modality, and specific time frame (weeks, months, years) for follow up recommendations.

Proctoring of New Emerging Radiologists to Promote Clinical Excellence and Ensure Quality of Care

At the author’s institution, overnight studies are read by fellows and newly hired subspecialist attendings, which are overread the next morning. They found low discrepancy rates that were similar in both groups and suggested this over read system allows for feedback for new and training radiologists.

Effect of Massed Versus Interleaved Teaching Method on Performance of Students in Radiology

In this article, the authors compared recollection rates between a group of students who were taught/shown radiographic findings in groups of similar cases versus a group of students taught the same content in random order. They found randomization led to better recollection rates.

By Daniel Ortiz, ACR RFS Secretary and 3rd year radiology resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

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