JACR June 2016 Highlights


The June Issue of the JACR® covers the misuse of the term “intact,” knowledge and ordering habits of clinical residents, a radiology resident consultant service, a rebuttal to radiology commoditization and more. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

Keep Intact Intact

In this installment of the Speaking of Language series, Steven Siuhong Ngai, MD dissects the meaning of the word “intact” and explains how radiologists misuse the term.

Radiologic Knowledge and Ordering Habits of Clinical Residents: ACR Appropriateness Criteria Awareness and Perceptions

In this article, authors from Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) sought to evaluate the baseline utilization of the ACR Appropriateness Criteria® among residents from various departments at their institution. This was followed by an educational presentation about appropriate image ordering practices. They found that clinicians do not feel sufficiently trained on radiology procedure ordering and would like more training from radiologists on appropriateness of studies. They also found that the education presentation was a successful tool in improving confidence in the clinicians with ordering radiologic studies.

Choosing Wisely and Imaging 3.0 Professional Development: Radiology Resident Consultant Service

In this article, authors from Johns Hopkins created an innovative 4th year radiology resident consultant elective. They provide another example for implementation of imaging 3.0 and providing value “outside of the read room.” The consulting resident documented question type and subspecialty and found 67% of the requests were asking for help selecting the “best exam.” They suggest that though clinical decision support helps on the front end to guide clinicians to the proper imaging study, it can’t replace access to physician to physician conversation with a radiologist.

Is It Time for Radiologists to Embrace Commoditization?

In this article, RIchard Gunderman, MD, PhD and Sean Dodson, MD present a rebuttal to an article titled “Radiology Myths Reconsidered: 7 Debunk, 1-Commoditization-Confirmed.” The original article, as the title states claims to confirm that radiology is headed down the road to commoditization and that it is a good thing that all radiologists should embrace. In this rebuttal piece, the authors systematically counter each “debunked myth” and argue that commoditization “warrants strenuous opposition by radiologists.”

By Daniel Ortiz, MD, secretary of the ACR RFS and 3rd year radiology resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School

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