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The December 2015 issue of JACR highlights nonradiologists' perspectives on health services research and policy in radiology with guest editors Richard Duszak Jr., MD, FACR, Danny Hughes, PhD, and Ruth C. Carlos, MD, FACR. Understanding the nonradiologists viewpoint is critical in the changing landscape, as patients take a more active role in their care and as more decisions are made by health care economists and administrators.

From Gatekeeper to Steward: The Evolving Concept of Radiologist Accountability for Imaging Utilization
Durand and colleagues discuss the differences between imaging steward vs gatekeeper. As we move toward value-based care, radiologists should move beyond their traditional roles as imaging interpreters and embrace the role of imaging steward.

Image Sharing Technologies and Reduction of Imaging Utilization: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Does image sharing technology change imaging utilization? Vest and colleagues undertook a meta-analysis, pooling data from 17 articles with a total of 42 different study types. Image sharing technology decreased repeat imaging but, interestingly, increased overall imaging utilization.

A Comprehensive CT Dose Reduction Program Using the ACR Dose Index Registry
Interested in reducing radiation dose? Little and colleagues evaluate strategies to reduce radiation dose during CT scans. The researchers also looked at how participation in the CT Dose Index Registry® (DIR) benefits patients through dose reduction.

By Colin Segovis, MD, PhD (@colinsegovis), RFS secretary and resident at Wake Forest University

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