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Lily M. Belfi, MD, tells the Bulletin about her experience as a Valerie P. Jackson Education Fellow. 



The deadline for the 2017 VPJ fellowship is September 30th, 2016. Apply today!

This past fall, Lily M. Belfi, MD, assistant of professor radiology Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, visited the ACR Education Department as the Valerie P. Jackson (VPJ) Education Fellow.

Each year the fellowship brings one radiologist to ACR headquarters to work with the ACR education team and learn about the process for developing radiology education resources. The Bulletin caught up with Belfi to hear about her week at ACR and the knowledge (and projects) she'll be taking home with her.

Q: Why did you apply for the fellowship?

A: I saw the fellowship as an opportunity to come to the ACR Education Department and learn about the resources available for radiology educators like myself — people with a passion for educational innovation. As director of medical student education in radiology at my home institution, I have spent the last several years exploring blended learning strategies and developing eLearning modules. Earlier this year, I founded a group called Clinical Radiologist Educator Alliance for Teaching Excellence (CREATE), which provides educators with similar interests a forum in which to collaborate and share ideas. Our group of faculty and residents has been incredibly productive, and we have received great feedback from students and residents who have used our online modules. One of the reasons I applied for this fellowship was to learn about the educational resources and opportunities at the ACR so that I could share them with my fellow educators back home.

Q: What is you initial impression of the ACR and its education efforts?

A: It's outstanding. I am really impressed by the level of talent and dedication of the staff and education team. I am looking forward to working with ACR's Education Department and collaborating with them on my own ACR project.

Q: How did the fellowship change your perspective about radiology education?

A: This fellowship provided me with a unique perspective of the Education Department here at the ACR. I realized that an entire team of program directors and instructional designers is dedicated to the creation of eLearning programs. It was really inspirational for me as an educator to be able to collaborate with such a gifted group.

Q: How will you apply the knowledge you gained during the fellowship?

A: I learned a great deal during my fellowship about the process involved in turning an idea into an educational tool. This helped me in writing my own project proposal for the ACR. I also learned technical points from the instructional designers that I will be able to apply to my own website and learning modules for CREATE.


I saw the fellowship as an opportunity to come to the ACR Education Department and learn about the resources available for radiology educators like myself — people with a passion for educational innovation.


Q:Tell us about the project you worked on during your fellowship.

A: I worked on two projects during my education fellowship. The first is the project proposal I described in my fellowship application. This project involves designing a program to teach students and trainees about the appropriate use of imaging in the work-up of acutely ill patients. The second project came about during my time here and is related to my practice as an emergency radiologist as well as my experience with designing and creating online learning modules. Both proposals are in the early stages of editing in preparation for submission for formal review.




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