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August 2015

In August, the journal features the latest workforce survey, how residents are faring in their matches, and terms you should stay away from in your radiology report.


Good News for Rads

“The 2015 ACR workforce survey indicates that there seems to be an improved outlook for radiologists seeking employment. However, it should be cautioned that employment opportunities still may not be in the geographic areas or the types of practice job seekers desire.”
The 2015 ACR Commission on Human Resources Workforce Survey

Medicine of Tomorrow

Precision medicine in the health care of tomorrow. What does it mean for radiologists?
Moreton Lecture: Imaging in the Age of Precision Medicine

Show Me the Money

“Medical student investors who buy low now will likely receive better interviews, matches, and training than they would have in previous years.”
2015 Residency Match Update and the Radiology Stock Market

Are You Too Sensitive?

Why “cannot exclude” is a problem for radiologists.

Avoid “Cannot Exclude”: Make a Diagnosis

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