The #PennRadBook Clubbook club

The #PennRadBook club is the creation of Saurabh Jha, MBBS, (@RogueRad).

The book club meets twice a year in person in Philadelphia and on Twitter with followers of the hashtag. The book club brings together a variety of physicians and is not limited to radiologists. At the most recent meeting of the book club on December 6th, participants reviewed 2016 Nate Silvers Signal & Noise with a lively in-person and online discussion. The next book club is scheduled for Wednesday, April 19th from 6-8pm, EST to discuss Streetlights and Shadows: Searching for the Keys to Adaptive Decision Making by Gary A. Klein. Please join us in April and follow the hashtag #PennRadBook!

By Sonia Gupta, MD, @DrSoGu

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