Reducing Anxiety, One Patient at A Time


Can radiologists help their patients feel more comfortable with screening procedures? According to a recent study published in the JACR, the answer is yes.

The 2016 research found interaction with a radiologist led to reduced anxiety in patients receiving mammograms. How can you incorporate more patient-interaction into your workday and benefit your patients?

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How Can Radiologists Help?

93% of patients reported that radiologist consultation with images would lower anxiety.

What Do Patients Worry About?

• Unknown results

• Pain
• Known risk factors
• General Uncertainty
• Wait time for results


Optimizing Interactions

When you speak with the patient, keep the following in mind:

• Describe clear results path, including risk assessment
• Give multiple opportunities for questions
• Provide same-day results when possible
• Smile

Setting Expectations

When patients arrive for their procedures, your staff should make sure they understand the following:

• How long the exam will take
• What happens during the exam
• Whether or not they need to undress
• The exam's objectives, pros, and cons


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