Breast Density Update

Where does your state stand?


October 2015
To date, 24 states have passed some form of dense breast legislation that requires breast density notification or disclosure for patients. An additional four states have provisions that are not direct mandates. Read on to find out the status of your state.



A provision about meaning and consequences of "dense breast tissue" will be part of a standardized summary for patients.

The state employee health plan must provide coverage for “an appropriate medical screening, test, or examination for a female covered individual who is at least forty (40) years of age and who has been determined to have high breast density.” The law goes on to say, "If the patient is determined by the facility to have an amount of breast and connective tissue in comparison to fat in the breast that would require follow up care or testing, [the facility must] notify the patient of the determination."


Following the recommendations of a designated stakeholder work group, the physician community voluntarily agreed to the recommendation of including breast density information in the letters to patients without a legislative mandate. 


In Utah, breast density notification is encouraged but not mandatory.

Additional Resources
Address your patients' questions with printable brochures (in English and Spanish) from the ACR. Share with your referring physicians to ensure you're on the same page as you educate patients about breast density.


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