Speed Mentoring at ACR 2018


The ACR 2018 Speed Mentoring Session will take place on Monday, May 21, 2018 from 12:00 p.m. -1:30 p.m. EDT. Using the successful model employed by the American Association for Women Radiologists (AAWR), the members of the ACR YPS and the AAWR organized a successful mentoring session in 2017 with over 120 members of the YPS, RFS, and AAWR members-in-training in attendance. As a result, the Speed Mentoring Session will again be a part of the main meeting program this year, sponsored by the ACR YPS, ACR RFS, and the AAWR. As another added perk to this year’s session, lunch will be provided.

The goal of the session is to provide the younger membership of the ACR, including medical students, with valuable interactions that will foster the initiation of enduring mentoring relationships. Ultimately, this session will also add to the greater value of the ACR YPS, ACR RFS, AAWR MIT, and medical students who are interested in pursuing radiology.

This dynamic session will be filled with various topics throughout the spectrum in the hopes that the short mentoring sessions per table will spur ongoing dialogue between mentors and mentees all year round. As they arrive, the mentees will be asked to sign in and grab a sheet with the mentors, as well as their topics and table numbers to which they are assigned. Mentees may choose the table at which they would like to seek mentoring for a 9- to 10-minute period, at the end of which they will be asked to switch to another table. The mentor’s contact information will also be listed on the sheet so that if further questions and/or fostering of relationships is desired, it can be facilitated.

This year, speed mentoring topics will be provided by over 20 radiology leaders including tips on radiology advocacy, work-life balance, leadership, mentorship, interviewing, grant writing, contract negotiation, conflict/resolution, and how to get involved in organized radiology.

We hope to see you at what should arguably be one of the most unique and valuable sessions of ACR 2018!



Amy Patel, MD, is a breast radiologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

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