The Young and Early Career Professional Section: Supporting the Transition From Training Into Practice


The ACR’s Young and Early Career Professional Section includes all ACR members under the age of 40 or within eight years of completion of training. With over 6,000 members, it currently represents over 16% of total ACR membership.

Key goals of the YPS include retaining members as they transition out of training into their practices, promoting opportunities for meaningful participation at the state and national levels, and cultivating future ACR leaders.

The YPS was active at the recent ACR annual meeting in Washington, DC, in May 2017. On the opening day of the meeting, the YPS sponsored two sessions, the first titled “New Horizons for the Young and Early-Career Physician,” which featured talks on informatics, quality improvement, patient- and family-centered care, and health-policy economics; and the second titled “The Bare Essentials of Life as a Young and Early-Career Physician,” which featured talks on job recruitment and contracting, financial planning, and negotiation. In addition, developed in conjunction with the American Association of Women Radiologists, the YPS held a lunch-time speed mentoring session, attended by over 100 mentees and 20 mentors, including numerous senior leaders within ACR. Also, the Council passed two resolutions impacting the YPS: resolution 45b that changed the name of the section (previously the Young and Early Career Physicians Section) to reflect the inclusion of medical physicists and other allied healthcare providers, and resolution 35 that encourages at least two YPS member appointments to the Council Steering Committee at all times.

In the year ahead, the YPS is looking to embrace mentoring as one of its key missions. A survey of YPS members is underway, in partnership with the Commission on Women and Diversity, to explore members’ perceptions regarding what would be most helpful for early career development, as well as what forms of mentoring and mentoring topics would provide greatest value. Results of this survey will be applied to help craft a more formalized mentoring program for YPS members who are active in the College. Reflecting the two-way nature of mentoring, the YPS is meanwhile collaborating with the Resident and Fellow Section to launch a comparable initiative whereby YPS members themselves would serve as the mentors for current trainees.

Additional aims of the YPS for the upcoming year include:

  • Increase participation by YPS members in the Radiology Advocacy Network, as described separately in this issue (See Young Professionals and Radiology Advocacy Network)
  • Foster deeper integration of YPS members into their state chapters, as a bridge to subsequent national-level involvement
  • Provide a smoother and more continual experience in interacting with ACR during the transition from training into practice
  • Promote greater communications of YPS members with one another and ACR, at large, through social media, including Engage and Twitter, as well as through participation in online journal clubs and podcasts, associated with content in the JACR®

YPS members interested in learning more about the section or in getting involved are encouraged to reach out to the YPS Executive Committee (EC) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The EC looks forward to hearing from you soon.

By Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, MD, chair of the YPS EC

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