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Radiation Oncology Corner: Advocacy Day at the Capitol

WSRS Advocacy Day

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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Advocacy Day through our ACR state chapter, the Washington State Radiological Society (WSRS). This was my first foray into direct advocacy and I was pleasantly surprised by what a successful, informative, and important day it was.

We started the morning as a group on a bus that took us from Seattle to Olympia, the state capital. We were debriefed on several issues at hand and also had a great discussion about our stance on several issues as a society. We arrived at the capitol building and split into groups to represent our districts. 

At our district meetings, we were able to meet with various state senate and house legislators, as well as aids, interns, and other representatives. We were also able to listen to a public debate on one of the key bills being brought to focus during that session. One of the members of our group actually got up to represent our society and debate our stance on a key issue. 

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The meetings offered meaningful and key insights into how the legislative system works at this level — and just how crucial it is to stay engaged with what issues are being brought to debate as they relate to our specialties and to the medical profession at large. Being given the opportunity to be a voice was very empowering. I encourage others to get involved in their state chapters, as well as look into attending the ACR Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill during the 2018 Annual Meeting

By Meghan Macomber MD, MS, radiation oncology representative, ACR RFS, rad oncology representative, Washington State Radiologic Society RFS, and chair, Washington State Medical Association RFS

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