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December 2017 JACR Highlights


Looking into the future


ACR 201 Moreton Lecture: Forecasting the Futures of Radiology
Change and uncertainty is all around use in regards to the future of radiology and the members of the ACR. The method of forecasting has been positively or negatively sensationalized when looking at the weather. However, this statistical process can be utilized in many other spheres to assess the possible outcomes of the future. Read about the process by which the author, Jeffrey C. Bauer PhD, uses this forecasting method of research to evaluate the future for the ACR.

Point/Counterpoint: The Things That Matter in Radiology Reporting
Point: Not Everything Significant Is Significant
Counterpoint: A Missed Lung Nodule Is a Significant Miss

Richard E. Heller III, MD, MBA and Saurabh Jha, MBBS, MRCS, MS, bring you the most important facets of academia. The ability for both sides of an opinion to discuss and hash out those differing beliefs is of utmost importance in the democracy of medicine and what is best for the patient in the long run. Upon reading this issue of point-counterpoint, you will be able to decide for yourself what may be a significant finding to you.

The 2017 ACR Commission on Human Resources Workforce Survey
Are you a current fellow who is looking for a job or even a resident who is anticipating the next step for fellowship or possible subspecialty? The annual workforce survey is a great place to consult when making those important decisions or negotiating for a contract.

The Clinician-Educator Pathway in Radiology: An Analysis of Institutional Promotion Criteria
The burden to publish has been the framework of the past for advancement as a faculty member at many institutions. Though there is no correlation between those who are well-published and those who stand out as instrumental faculty to  the future in radiology, there are some that may prefer the role in educating the future rather than devoting most of one’s time to the pursuit of publishing. The authors discuss their findings when tasked to look into the incidents of the clinician-educator pathway for faculty advancement.

How Technology Is Changing News and Our Culture: Lessons From Elections 2016 and Davos 2017: Tech, Media, and the Newsroom of the Future
Social media continues to be an important conduit for both dissemination of information or the patterns and behaviors of the millennials and baby boomers who make up a majority of our population. The authors find interesting generational patterns that will be important for how future social media is disseminated and how our current methods are being used by our viewership.

Christopher Mutter, DO, ACR-RFS secretary and diagnostic radiology resident at Spectrum Health Michigan State University College of Human Medicine


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