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Van A. Montgomery, MD Memphis Radiological

final read

Q: What is one thing that would make your life as a radiologist better?


As I thought about this question, my visceral response was inevitable. Higher pay, less call, more vacation, and fewer weekend shifts were all obvious answers.

Polling my workmates, treadmills and trendy coffee makers at or near each workstation were fun ideas but were, of course, stratospheric and unobtainable.

And then more practical and productive thoughts ensued. What if we were provided appropriate, ICD-10-compatible clinical histories on each radiologic study? That would be nice. What about windows in our reading rooms? That would be a literal and figurative breath of fresh air.

All of the above ideas, although quixotic, would certainly make my life in radiology better and easier. However, when I focused on what I have already in my practice, I found myself not lacking for much, and, in fact, truly blessed. I have my job. Jobs are precious. I am grateful to have a job and work in a profession that I love, a profession where I see technological advances in diagnosis and therapy every year and where I am motivated and encouraged to improve myself each and every day.

I have my partners in practice. I am grateful to work with men and women who enjoy their work as much or more than I do. We collaborate across many modalities for extraordinary patient care. I would sacrifice my time and energy for them, and I know they would do the same for me. I have my technologists and nurses. We work side by side to serve and heal our patients. To me, they are totally indispensable, invigorating, and fun to work with. Their empathy and enthusiasm inspires me to be more like them.

I have the ACR. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated people who work tirelessly at the forefront and behind the scenes at national, state, and local level to advocate for all radiologists. And I have my family. Whether my work day is simple or arduous, I am able to return home to a loving family. For that, I am truly thankful.

Is there anything else that would make my radiology life better? I'm sure there is. But for now, I've got a pretty good thing going. I can't wait for tomorrow!

van montgomeryVan A. Montgomery, MD Memphis Radiological

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