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Q: Why is it valuable to attend radiology conferences?

Kathleen A. Ryan, MD, Final Read, ACR Bulletin

Having practiced for more than 20 years in Montana, I always look forward to meetings with fellow mammography colleagues around the country.

The remoteness and independence are what draws most of us to Montana, but sometimes assimilating into the rest of the culture is helpful to assure ourselves that our practice is top-notch and we’re not missing out on anything. It’s a little like summer camp as a kid; my homesickness didn’t feel so bad once I learned that others were experiencing the same thing!

Meeting and talking with others from similar and not-so-similar practices helps to piece together our specialty in a way that makes each of us better in what we do and improves our specialty as a whole. Time spent comparing and contrasting, commiserating and counseling each other on our issues is an experience that does not compare to a lecture or a printed article.

“Surely all of us encounter similar issues and the occasional ‘I’ve never seen this before!’ case.”
— Kathleen A. Ryan, MD   

Once these connections are made, the ongoing networking via social media, email, or the old-fashioned phone call continues to enhance our daily practice. Surely all of us encounter similar issues and the occasional “I’ve never seen this before!” case. It helps having colleagues and friends scattered around the neighborhood and country always ready to listen or give advice. It makes for a more enjoyable and rewarding practice.

Kathleen A. Ryan, MD, Medical Director, Mammography at Yellowstone Breast Center, St. Vincent Healthcare/SCL Health, in Billings, Mont.

Photo courtesy of Kathleen A. Ryan

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