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How can we achieve health equity in radiology?

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“ We can increase awareness of disparities that exist and their significant impact on health outcomes, conduct outreach to diverse patients and stakeholders to identify social, cultural, and economic barriers to access, partner with communities most negatively impacted by social determinants of health for actionable solutions, and promote health policies that support evidence-based appropriate use of imaging.” — Texas Radiological Society President Elect Karla A. Sepulveda, MD

“ In addition to financial barriers that limit patient access, health equity in radiology also implies quality of imaging across facilities and equal attention to patient care — regardless of gender, ethnicity or cultural background. Within our practice, we address these issues by providing financial counseling, having all modalities accredited by the ACR, providing impartial interpreting services, and providing diversity education for all medical professionals.” — ACR BOC Member-at-Large Richard Strax, MD, FACR

“ I love to be inspired and to inspire, so I have initiated the discussion of developing a curriculum with Baylor’s radiology program director to rouse novel and innovative ideas centered on health equity and population health — particularly within our next generation of radiologists.” — Texas Radiological Society Alternate Councilor Christie M. Malayil Lincoln, MD

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