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David T. Boyd, MD, MBA


April 2015

Q: How can state chapters work together with the ACR?

Engaging residents and fellows in radiology leadership is an important goal for the Washington, D.C., chapter

. We often look for ways to marry leadership education with the chapter so that our next generation of physicians will be able to take on leadership positions within the College. One way our chapter did this was to invite ACR leadership to come speak with our residents, fellows, and young physicians at a chapter meeting. After Dr. Lawrence Muroff kindly accepted our invitation to lecture on the Affordable Care Act’s impact on radiology at our chapter’s October 2014 meeting, I decided to dedicate our resident quiz hour, which precedes our lecture, to teaching residents and fellows about the value and importance of the ACR. The session was led by Dr. Peter van Geertruyden, our chapter’s very able resident liaison.

We also invited ACR leadership, including CEO Dr. William T. Thorwarth, BOC Chair Dr. Bibb Allen, and several ACR staff members to share their insights at this session, which went very well. ACR leadership also attended dinner after the lecture, which allowed our residents and fellows to ask questions and gain further insight about the ACR and its contributions to the radiology field. 

Our chapter also established a sponsorship relationship with the Radiology Leadership Institute®, which will continue on an annual basis and will be mutually beneficial to both organizations. The RLI will sponsor lectures for our chapter and offer our membership the opportunity to obtain RLI credit from these sessions.

 HeadshotBoydDavid T. Boyd, MD, MBA, Partner, Progressive Radiology, Washington, D.C, President of the DC Metropolitan Radiological Society.


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