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June 2015

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Spreading the Word About Imaging 3.0™

Imaging 3.0 takes center stage in San Francisco Medicine

SFMedicine COVER

May 2015

Imaging 3.0 took center stage in the March issue of San Francisco Medicine, the journal of the San Francisco Medical Society. The issue explored radiology’s role in a transforming health care environment. “Radiology is in the midst of a major evolution, if not revolution. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s true,” wrote Roger S. Eng, MD, MPH, FACR, president of the San Francisco Medical Society, in his introduction to the issue. “And as physicians who order imaging studies, you should know how this transition will impact you and your patients.” Read the full issue

Learn From the Leaders in Ultrasound

Check out the SRU Annual Meeting


May 2015

Image Soundly, the 25th Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course of the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound, will be held October 23–25, 2015, in Chicago. The conference will include a plenary session, “Evolving Applications of Ultrasound: What’s New and Different,” as well as a keynote address, “Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: The Arthroscope of the Future?” by SRU Fellow Levon N. Nazarian, MD, FACR. Additional sessions will focus on vascular, head and neck, obstetrical, gynecological, and liver imaging. The experts session will include a film panel and a discussion of missed cases. A series of 35 small workshops will include sessions on abdominal and pediatric imaging. Registration opens in early June. For additional details, visit www.sru.org.


Ancient Cancer Patient Discovered.


September 2014
Cancer is relatively absent from archaeological records compared to other diseases, leading many to believe that it is mainly attributable to modern lifestyles. But a new study suggests otherwise.

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MRI Helps Predict the Future


September 2014

Brain imaging can be used to predict future cognitive abilities, meaning that developmental brain disorders could be detected in childhood, according to a study in the Journal of Neuroscience.
The study examined 62 children between the ages of 6 and 20 who under went a series of cognitive tests, including measures of working memory. As the children completed the tests, researchers performed MRI scans. The results were used to predict the children’s future working memory. Two years later, the participants completed the same tests while undergoing an MRI. Researchers found that MRIs could predict to a degree the speed of cognitive development in the two years between the tests — future memory capacity and memory could be inferred from the first test by looking at how much activity went on in areas such as the thalamus. “Until now, neuroimaging has just given us pictures of behavior we already knew about,” said Torkel Klingberg, MD, PhD, one of the researchers. “Now this is telling us we can use the MR scanner for something novel.” 

New NCRP Recommendations Released

HiRes 2WEB



The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) has released a new recommendation, "Outline of Administrative Policies for Quality Assurance and Peer Review of Tissue Reactions Associated with Fluoroscopically Guided Interventions."

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PCPs Value Imaging but Need More Details

iStock 000041659812 LargeWEB


April 2015

Good news for radiologists — primary care physicians (PCPs) are aware of the value of imaging and believe it improves clinical decision-making and patient care, according to a recent article in the JACR®.

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Recommendations for Further Testing May Mean Less Timely Follow-up



April 2015

Did you recommend further imaging in your report due to abnormal results?

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Best of JACR® Articles for 2014


February 2015

Each year, the JACR® editorial board recognizes four articles, one for each of the journal's four areas of interest: training and education, leadership, practice management, and health services research and policy. Selection criteria include importance to the specialty and lucidity of presentation.

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